ABC's of WW II

A is for-Atlantic Wall

Th Atlantic Wall was built by the German Nazis in 1942-1944 were used to protect from the Allied Force.

B is for-BattleShip

Battleship's were used during world war II against the Germany,Italy and Japan. They wrok by shooting enemy's from the sky or water.

C is for-Camouflage

Soldiers wore camouflage during world war II to hide from their enemy and attack them by surprise.

D is for-D-Day

The war of D-Day Began on June 6, 1944 Army Forces landed on five beaches to fight they were British and Canadian forces.

E is for-Ecacuation

In world war 2 people and kids had to evacuate to another place with trains.Kids get separated from their family or parents.

F is for-Flame Thrower

In world war 2 soldiers used flame thrower's to attack and defend soldiers.Tanks even have flamethrowers inside of them to attack.

G is for-Grenade

Grenades were used in war to explode tanks and kill soldiers.

H is for-Home Front

Home fronts are activities from civilians to help win the war and support the nation by working in the factories to make supplies like bombs and guns.

I is for-Invasion

It began in world war 2 Poland got invaded by Germans and took over their place by killing all their army and destroying their place.

J is for-Jump Zone

In World War 2 soldiers were sent by planes and had to land safely in the ground to fight.

K is for-K ration

The K ration was and individual daily Combat Food for soldiers and sent supplies like motorcycle parts and other mobile forces.

L is for-Land Girl

Woman were hired in farms to work on farm fields to plant food for the soldiers and people, it was known as Agriculture,

M is for-Moscow

The Battle of Moscow began in October, 1941 and January 1942 with Germany.

N is for-Navy

In World War 2 the U.S. Navy grew rapidly because they needed more soldiers to fight in the war.

O is for-Occupation

Germany conquests in Europe during World War 2.

P is for-Pearl Harbor

The Attack of Pearl Harbor was a surprise military strike