Warning!! The Apocalypse

Walkers are here!!

Zombies are spreading the disease so be warned of the epidemic that is ruling our population of humanity. The apocalypse is here! Stay inside and stay close to your loved ones, and stay calm the government is sending troops for safety. All scientists are working together for the cure of the epidemic. Stock up on food and ration your food wisely. If you have children make sure are with them at all times. All children are targets of the walkers. The way this epidemic is spread is if you get bit by the walker. To kill the biters "hit" them in the head. By hitting them in the head will smash the brain cells that are infected. No matter what defend you and your loved ones at the cost of anything. Seek shelter that is blocked from the outside. One way to tell apart the alive and undead is the undead don't talk and they are very pale.