The Black Rhino

Critically Endangered By: Reagan Carlson

The Black Rhino

The Black Rhino lives in Nambia, Coastal East Africa, and Texas. The Rhinos habitats are grasslands, marshes, and areas with small bushes. The rhino has one baby every 3-5 years. Some times they are short tempered and very fast. A girl named Kendall Jones is hunting animals for pictures on Facebook. The animals that she hunts are endangered and one of her hunts was the Black Rhino.

The Rhino Looks Like

Help Please!!

The Black Rhino is endangered because of illegal hunting. From1970-1992 the Black Rhino population had dropped 96%. In the twentieth century Europeans killed up to 5-6 rhinos a day. They killed them for entertainment and food. In 2010, 333 rhinos were killed ,and their horns were sent to Vietnam for a folk remedy.

Can We Save Them Before It's Too Late ?

WWF has been taking care of rhinos for years and they're really helping now. They keep a male and female in a pen for reproduction. The pens are held in Africa and Texas. It is hard to take care of them in Africa because of the civil wars going on.