Study Skills

How to study for your exams

Managing your time

You should set apart a certain amount of time so that you can study.Maybe in 20-50 minute chunks. Take a 5-10 minute break to get your blood flowing. Do some simple exercises like jumping jacks or push up. Also can make sure to get plenty of sleep so that you wont get tired. 7-9 hours would be adequate for you to be at your max.

Study environment

The environment in which you study is vital. Depending on the kind of person you are you are more likely to remember what you studied in different environment.Some people like to study with background music. If that is you make sure that you listen to music without words such as classical so that you wont get distracted. Other people like a quiet environment. A library would be a good place to go. But whether you like quiet or noise we can all agree that we want to be comfortable.Make sure that you are comfortable but not comfortable so that you will fall asleep.

Remember what you studied

The most important thing about studying is remembering what you studied.A good way to remember is to make flash cards.Another way is to wright down your notes again.The more times you write something down the more you remember it.