Cyber Bullying

Let's make it stop!

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is where people use the internet or other technology to harm other people. They use this technology to repeatedly say harmful things about a person or to a person.
Cyber Bullying (UNICEF)

How does cyber bullying make people feel?

Ways to prevent cyber bullying

  • If you are angry, step away from the situation before you react. Many times we send something hurtful that we may not really mean.
  • Before you send something, reread it and think "will this hurt someone?" If the answer is yes then do not send it!
  • Become informed on the consequences of cyber bullying.
  • If you are being cyber bullied, get help! Tell someone about it.

What to do if you are being cyber bullied.

  • Figure out when the cyber bullying started and why if possible.
  • Ignore the bully. Do not give them attention, it makes them feel like they succeeded.
  • If possible, block their posts.
  • Get help, tell a trusted adult!
  • Do not delete the messages so you can show someone.
  • Deactivate your social networking site or change passwords if necessary.
  • Do not retaliate!
  • Visit the website Kids Helpline for more guidance and a place to talk

Are you a cyber bully?

Sometimes we may be acting as a cyber bully without realizing it. Here is a quiz that you can take to see if you have participated in cyber bullying.

What can you do to stop cyber bullying?