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Innersource E-Blasts & Marketing

Class 4 and the Foundations year is complete for many of you and for others, it will be ending soon. As one year ends, another is beginning. Your classes are now listed online and you might even have some students registered for your Foundations class. Innersource will be starting the marketing e-blasts on Tuesday, February 23. These e-blasts will go out by regions so people on our mailing list who live in your area of the country will see the class options nearby. These e-blasts will continue every 3 weeks through early June.

We are canceling the Marketing webinar planned for Wednesday, February 24. You will be receiving an email from Innersource early next week, with more details about the e-blasts and other marketing planned for our Foundations classes. This email will have many tips on ways you can promote and market your Foundations in your community and through social media.

Be alert to your inbox next week for this very important email from Innersource. If you don’t get it, please let me know.



Facebook Class Postings

Have you posted your class listing to the Facebook Eden Energy Medicine Programs or Eden Energy Medicine pages? These are great places for people who are already interested in energy medicine to see your class listing. When you see another teacher's post, it helps to have everyone like it, make a comment and even share it. When posts don't get any attention, they linger on the page without a lot of people seeing them. The more we make comments, like the pages andl share them, the more they get circulated and get seen by many other people. Who knows where your students will come from. Friends of friends just may live in your community and become curious and interested in these classes.Let's help each other and make EEM the most seen and talked about program.