Sensorimotor Period

4 to 8 months

By: Julie & Brandon
Acts intentionally to produce results, and improves hand eye coordination. Now your youngster is starting to do things on purpose, learning about her environment and the special people in her life. Babies are curious by nature and by 4 months of age, that curiosity has propelled him to begin exploring his environment and everything in it. During this stage the baby is going to drop the same object on the floor over and over again just to watch you pick it up, The baby is actually fascinated by the action and reaction. After watching you all this time, the baby will try to comb his hair just like you, 'talk' on the phone, and even try to imitate drinking from a cup. The baby is going to get you to help out with his explorations, too. At first, he will point to an object and wait for you to tell him what it is. After the baby has had an opportunity to take in this new information, he will begin to respond when you identify an object by name by turning or pointing to the item.