Rice Middle School Theatre

Wingin' It

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First things first....

I will need the following items from you:
  • Production Contract
  • Extracurricular Form
  • Photo/Video Release Form
  • Costume Measurement Form
These can all be found on the "company resources page" of our google site:http://bit.ly/1MJpGcQ
All forms are due by this Friday

Stay informed

Please sign up for reminder emails or texts by following these directions:
Text @rmstheatre to 81010

Please join the production classroom page with this code:

Production Supply Fee

There is a $25.00 production supply fee for the cast. This fee will help cover production expenses, costume rental, supply costs (makeup, etc.) and will include a show t-shirt. Production supply fee must be paid through paypams (cash or check cannot be accepted):

· Go to pisd.edu and Click on Paypams

· If you are not a member- please follow the steps to become a member

· Click on Theatre

· Put in your student’s ID number

· Put in amount $25


As a member of this cast, you are expected to:
1) Attend all rehearsals with limited scheduling conflicts. If something comes up, it is your responsibility to let the director know.
2) Bring your script and pencil with you to each rehearsal
3) Begin warm ups promptly at 7:45 until rehearsal begins
4) Memorize your lines before the deadline (determined by Mrs. P)
5) Make the play and it's success a priority.

Rehearsal schedule

Rehearsals will be before school Monday through Thursday from 7:45 to 8:15. You will need to check the calendar on our google site page to know where the rehearsal is located (room 731 or the stage) and to know what scenes we will be blocking/running that day. You must check the calendar every day in case changes have been made. If you must miss rehearsal, you must come and tell me yourself (telling your friend to do it is unacceptable).
You must be on time to rehearsal! Repeated tardies will result in you being removed from the cast!

Leadership Roles

I will be looking for cast members to fill the following leadership positions:
  • Warm Up Captain
  • Clean Up Captains
  • Packing Captains (One Act Play only)
  • Props Captain

Show Notebooks

You must bring your notebook, script and a pencil to each rehearsal. Any notes that I give you must be written down in your notebook. Put your name on it and make it your best friend!

We Need Volunteers!

We will need parent volunteers to run the box office before each show and possibly to pick up costumes for us. Please check the "volunteers" page to sign up to volunteer - thank you in advance!