The ME Project

Ashan Poobalasingam

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Who Am I?

My name is Ashan Poobalasingam. I am a grade 10 student at Louise Arbour Secondary School. By my fellow peers I am described as honest, trustworthy and active. Teachers would describe me as organized and as someone who takes initiative. I am active and currently on the Ultimate Frisbee Team. I am someone who like watching shows and movies that have a lot of mystery, fantasy and comedy. I like to spend my spare time with my friends, listen to music or go on social media. I love chocolates and sweets. My preferred courses are math, science, gym and computer technology.


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The most significant event that had occurred in my life line was when I had passed the G1 drivers test in the month of February of 2016. I am able to drive with an adult who has a drivers license and experience. I am planning onto take a driver lesson, which will allow me to take the G2 test in 8 months, rather than waiting a year.

Leadership Style

There are two styles I prefer. The first on is a "Leader as a Consultant." They possess the qualities of confidence, good communication and problem solving. This type of leadership is similar to representative democracy. Final decisions are based on consensus. Team members are able to input their own opinions/ideas in decision making. The leader consults team members being involved. There is less dispute/argument between the leader and members. The other style I prefer is a "Leader as a Persuader." They may seem like a dictator, but they also possess qualities of a democrat. They make final decisions, allowing decisions to be made faster. Team members are able to input their own opinions and ideas in decision making. The leader encourages cooperation amongst team to execute decisions/plans. This enables a stronger teamwork, allowing work to be done faster an efficiently. Altogether this is a great way to create a strong bond and to make decisions and get them executed faster.

I would change my preferred leadership style in different situations. It would depend on the results I am looking for in the current situation. For instance, if I had wanted to bring stability quickly from a major crisis/issue that had occurred. I would use leadership styles as a Delegator or Teller. These types of leadership styles allow me to make decisions faster. I am able to give responsibilities to individuals and focus on other issues. These types of leadership styles can also used by University Professors or at a workplace. These people identity/hand responsibilities to members and assume the team has everything to solve the problem. They tend to not waste time interacting with members. I would use leadership styles of a joiner, if I were someone who is trying to get a better understanding of a team members view. For instance, if I am the manager of a company, where there are frequent conflicts an lacks teamwork. I would be a "Leader as a Joiner." I would put myself into the shoes of the workers. I would be able to recognize an solve the problems the team members are facing. This would then create a better work environment at my company. The leadership styles are similar and different in many ways. Some may see autocratic/dictatorial, whereas other styles appear democratic. Each style has its' own benefits, meaning the leadership style can differ based on the situation.

My Influences

Internal factors that have shaped me are my qualities of determination. I strive to achieve what I have started. My perseverance allows me to focus and be initiative. It is what pushes me to do the limits and makes me who I am. External factors that have shaped me were my parents and friends influences. My parents raised me up with their ideology. As I was growing up, they had told me what was right and wrong. My friends advise me when they feel something is wrong. Their actions also influence me, either positive or negative.

Role Model

Someone who I look up to are my friends. They are the ones who are there when I feel insecure and heartbroken. They stay with me as I grow up. My friends are people who make me a better and positive person. They are ones who I can compete against and improve with. For instance, when I was a in elementary school, I was bullied. The first people to come to my aid were my friends.

My Future

I am interested in taking the career path of bio-medical engineering. I have always been interested in biology, which is the study of living organisms. I have also been interested in engineering, which is composed of mathematics and science. When I put both together, I get a job where I make instruments, devices and softwares for biologists and other scientists. My fist Blueprint occupation match was bio-medical engineering. I plan to achieve/become a bio-medical engineer by pursuing biology, physics, chemistry, advanced functions and calculus and vectors during high school and post-secondary years. I would take co-op during my post-secondary years, in the job field.

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Personality Test Results

  1. My Blueprint Learning Styles - Visual-Kinesthetic Learner 38%-Kinesthetic, 34%-Visual, 28%-Auditory
  2. My Blueprint Personality - ESFJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)
  3. My Blueprint Interests - The Investigator Primary Intrest Rate - Conventional, Secondary Intrest Rate - Investigative
  4. My Blueprint Knowledge - Computers Second Subject Area - Mathematics, Third Subject Area - Business
  5. My Blueprint Motivations - Independence (Primary Motivation), Working Conditions (Secondary Motivation)
  6. My Blueprint Compatibility - Top 3 Occupations: Biomedical Engineer(96%), Statistician (91%), Accountant (CPA) (88%)
  7. True Colour- Orange
  8. Left/Right Brain Test - Left Brain - 54%, Right Brain 50%
  9. Holland Code Career Test - Thinker