Elias Howe

Sewing Machine

About life

  • Born: july 9,1819 in Spencer Massachusetts
  • Died: October 3, 1867 in New York
  • Nationality: American
Elias Howe ( 1819-1867), American inventor, is credited with designing the first workable sewing machine, an invention which revolutionized garment and shoe manufacture.

Life of Elias Howe

Work On Sewing Machine

Howe had a sewing machine working as early as April of 1845 and in September of 1846 he obtained a U.S. patent for his second machine. He asked Howe to come to England to work on the problem. This manufacturer saw the possibilities the sewing machine would have if it could be redesigned to sew leather for shoes. In 1860 some 110,000 sewing machine were manufactured with rose the Howe of ready to wear garments.