Mrs. Gooch's Newsletter

Room 118

Happy Tuesday Parents!

We are collecting soup cans for harvesters and the last day to bring them is Friday

We will be taking a field trip on 1/26 at 11:30 to Folly Theatre to watch a play titled Four Score & Seven Years Ago. Please sign the permission slip that came home last week.

We have an early release on Thursday, 1/15.

Grade cards will be coming home today. Please sign the envelope and return to school!

UPDATED! Here's the link to our website:

Please have your child visit the website and use the Student Resource tab to review math skills, this can count toward math folder minutes.

Check out the Parent Resource tab for videos of myself in the Crestview refresh sessions!


Unit 4 will cover point of view in literature and firsthand/secondhand accounts in information texts.

I am very excited for students to have the opportunity to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. With fiction texts, student will be comparing and contracting how first-person, second-person, and third-person literature is written. With non-fiction texts, students will be comparing and contrasting telling a firsthand account and a second hand account of the same event.


This week we are working on mastering adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators. We are using numbers lines and visual aids to help decompose fractions.

Math Folder: Folders will be coming home today. Please work with your student every night to help improve their math fact fluency!!

-This week I have added a multiplication wheel so students can focus on their facts for each specific fact wheel.

**Important: The new year is bringing changes to our homework policy! We will be starting FUN FRIDAY this week. Students who turn in their homework and math folder for the week will have the last thirty minutes to play. Students who do not finish their homework or math folder will complete it during Fun Friday!


This week we are continuing to work on our Literary Essay. Students are finishing up their introduction paragraph using their claim to state their opinions and main ideas. We are beginning to write our body paragraphs using evidence to support our main ideas.

When we finish this unit the Literary Essays will be published on our Blog.


This week in spelling we are working on the diphthongs: /oi/,/ou/ sound. Check out the spelling list and all the different ways we spell this sound.

Literature Circles

Toward the end of this week we are going to begin literature circles during guided reading. Students will have student directed discussions about their book and vocabulary. This is a great opportunity for students to be held accountable for what they are reading. I am excited for students to challenege themselves and their peers to think at a higher level of understanding and comprehension.
Please don't hesitate to call or email if you have questions or concerns! I hope you enjoy the Newsletter!