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April 2021

PVMS Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a rigorous, world-class education which inspires students to become active, compassionate, and collaborative lifelong learners who understand and respect other people and their differences.

Pine View Middle School is Pasco County's First International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme World School

THANK YOU to our entire Panther Family for making Pine View Middle School Pasco County's first International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB-MYP) World School! We are so thankful to our staff, students and community who made this great accomplishment come to be. We will be continuing our IB-MYP journey toward our next milestone- our evaluation visit in 2023. In the time before that visit, we will continue to implement the framework of the IB-MYP to delve deeper into teaching and learning through inquiry, and supporting learning that fosters interdisciplinary learning, concept based learning, and performance based assessments, all with a focus on international mindedness and application of learning to the real world.

We are so excited to partner with you through this next phase in our journey!

News from the PVMS School Nurse, Mrs. Brazier

Parents should review the following questions on a daily basis to help determine if your student should come to school. If you answer yes to any of the questions or are uncertain, please keep your child at home.

  • Does your student have new or worsening onset of any of the following:
    Fever greater than 100.4 or chills, new uncontrolled cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. If yes to any of these, your student should stay home.

    If yes, student cannot come on campus and will need to be screened by the school nurse or the student's doctor to determine if testing is appropriate based on the symptoms. If tested, will be home until results are completed. If negative and documentation is provided to the school nurse, student can return to school; or if doctor provides written documentation that there is an alternate diagnosis for the symptoms.

  • Within the past two weeks, has the student had prolonged AND close contact (closer than 6 feet for more than 15 minutes in a 24-hour window) with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?
    If yes student will not be able to come on campus and is required to quarantine for at least 10 days. Students cannot test out of quarantine.

  • Has the student recently tested positive for COVID-19 or is waiting for test results due to their own illness?
    If yes, the student waiting for test results must be kept home until results are available. If negative student can return to school if fever free for 24 hours without medication. If positive, student cannot come on campus and is on isolation for 10 days

  • If your student receives a positive COVID-19 test result during the weekend, please submit a copy of the positive results to A COVID Response Team member will be monitoring the emails and will reach out if there are any questions or concerns.

In addition, when your child is sick and they come to school, they put many other students, teachers, and staff at risk. Your student is often sent to the clinic for being sick in class and we must call you to pick up. We are working diligently to keep our students, teachers, and staff safe so if your child is sick, please keep them at home.

On another note, if your child has been out of school for any kind of illness, for 3 or more days in a row, the student cannot return to school without a doctor's written statement listing an alternate diagnosis and/or not COVID related, to be cleared to come back into the school setting. Notes that say "Okay to return to school without the alternate diagnosis or not COVID related, will not be accepted. Orthopedic notes do not fall under this umbrella.

We are working diligently to ensure of students, teachers, and staff remain healthy and safe and your help in following the above recommendations will help us to keep everyone safe.

Tdap Vaccination for rising Year 2 Students

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Support our Supporters!

A HUGE thank you to our local businesses that support us. If you own a business or know of one who would like to support our school, please contact Becky Cardinale.

Fence Pro Tampa Bay: Thank you for sponsoring PVMS students to go to Gradventure!

Bubba's 33: Thank you for sponsoring our Students of the Month for August, September and October! Our Panthers are going to LOVE your pizza!!

Aroma Joe's: Thank you for your generous donations to our students and staff! We appreciate you!

Weld-Rite Hitch Co.: Thank you for supporting the purchase of a new planner for every Panther!

Planet Smoothie: Thank you for hosting a PVMS Spirit Week!

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New to the area?

Mrs. Marchica, our registrar is currently registering for next school year for students new to PVMS. If your child attended Connerton, Sanders or Pine View elementary schools for the 2020-2021 school year, there is no action needed on your part, as he or she will automatically roll to us.

Mrs. Marchica can be reached through email at or by calling the school at 813-794-4800.

IB Learner Profile of the Month: Communicators

April- Communicators

As a PVMS Family, we focus on a different Learner Profile (a trait that we strive to display to become the best people possible) every month. For April we are focusing on being Communicators. We are Communicators when we express our ideas and information confidently, often in more than one language, and work well with others. PVMS staff members are issuing PBIS Points to students who are displaying that they are Communicators. Teachers will also be choosing students for “Student of the Month” who are an example to others in exemplifying that they are Communicators. We encourage students to wear yellow on Fridays during April to represent our Learner Profile of the month.

You will see signs displaying the Learner Profiles throughout the school. The profiles are also posted above the white board in each classroom. Teachers have a second set of magnetic Learner Profiles that will make it easier to highlight which Profiles are relevant to the current classroom activity.

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Congratulations to Krystal Sumrall, Pine View Middle School's 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year!

I'm Krystal Sumrall and I am one of the visual art teachers at Pine View Middle school, where I teach the Year 2 and Year 3 students who take Studio 2 and Studio 3. I moved to Florida from Maryland for my art position at Pine View Middle school 6 years ago. While in Maryland I taught for 2 years in the Elementary levels, but am so happy to have gotten my position in the middle school level. I always knew that I wanted to be an art teacher with the experiences I had in school, my art teachers made a huge impact on who I am today and let me use my artistic talents as a way to express myself. I love being a teacher and being able to share my love of art, but to also impact student success as future world citizens. I feel that it is very important to focus on the whole student and being a role model in life.

Congratulations to Michelle Cruz, Pine View Middle School's SRP of the Year!

I have been with Pine View for 4 years now. I have been with Pasco Schools for 6 years total. I am the Lab Facilitator at Pine View where I work with students who are signed up for Eschool Courses such as Math, ASL, German, French and Spanish.

I have always wanted to work with children, since my early teen years. I was a babysitter for a woman who fostered abused children, and I wanted to do all I could to help protect children like the ones I would babysit. I first thought about being a child’s advocate lawyer but struggled in high school to get the grades needed to help myself get into a good school. A few years later, I decided to join the US Navy and it was in the Navy that I grew interest in training. I went to several training schools, then was assigned the Leading Training Petty Officer for two squadrons. This entailed signing up shipmates for classes, teaching General Military lessons to the squadron and ensuring that every squadron member was fully qualified for their positions. I was in the Navy for 12 years. Once I discharged from the military, I started to pursue education. I was a member of Partnerships in Education for the local schools in Indianapolis, then in New Orleans. When we moved to Florida, I signed up for my BAED at University of Phoenix where I earned my AAED but was unable to complete my BAED due to family obligations. Two years later I am at it again, now a student at Grand Canyon working on my last 4 classes for my BA, and then I will take the endorsement and Florida exam to hopefully start teaching Civics or Business in a couple of years.

MySchool Online Login

PVMS Spirit Gear and Face Coverings

Hoodie Sweatshirts, Pink Out shirts and panther face coverings are available for purchase through Rycor!

Apps parents should know about

Here's some very helpful information from the Sarasota Sheriff to keep you children safe online:

Fortify Florida

FortifyFL is a suspicious activity reporting tool that allows you to instantly relay information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials.

A link to FortifyFL is available on all staff and student my Pasco Connect accounts. Pasco County Schools will soon be adding FortifyFL information to each school website and the Pasco County Schools website. FortifyFL information is also available to each student and family on the back cover of the 2020-2021 student planner.

#IBCommunicator Weekly School Connect Message from Principal Warren

Mrs. Warren's weekly updates are now sent directly to your email rather than a phone call. We also put it on our school Facebook page.. Make sure you are following us on our social media outlets so you don't miss any information!

PVMS Community One Note

The PVMS Community One Note is your one stop shop for everything PVMS! Do you want to know the bell schedule? Safety protocols? MYP information? Click below for information on those topics and so many more! The PVMS Community One Note is also available to all students on the myPascoConnect Dashboard.{56fff8e8-a24e-4ca6-a6ca-e8ce29b71759}&action=edit&

School Counselor Contact Information

Our school counselors are here to help you! Please use the information below reach out to your year level counselor:

Year 1: Mrs. Bailey-

Year 2: Mrs. Gay-

Year 3: Mr. Martinez-

2020-2021 Athletics

Years 1, 2 and 3 students will be eligible to participate in athletics for the 2020-2021 school year. To be eligible, students must have:

  • a 2.0 from the previous semester GPA (current Year 1 and 2 students' eligibility will be determined based upon 2nd semester of the 2019-2020 school year

All forms and information can be found on the PVMS webpage under the "Athletics" tab under "School Information".

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Updated Spectator Rules for Sporting and Arts Events

Please see our website for the updated guidance.

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Shout-outs for PVMS Panther Heroes!

Hero Panthers!

Have you had a Panther Staff Member go above and beyond to become your hero?? Please share your positive experience at the link below!


All mySchool who picked up their supplies have been issued a planner and all traditional students received one on the first day of school to use on a daily basis. In addition to checking my Student and myLearning, please check your child's planner on a daily basis and encourage them to write what they've done every period as well as any homework that they have. This will help everyone be #IBCommunicators!

myStudent Portal- Check Grades!

Please make sure that you're checking myStudent daily to keep up with your child's assignments and grades! If you haven't signed up, please go to to create an account.

Emergency Cards

If you haven't filled out your emergency card, please follow the directions below. If you need to make a correction to your card, please email Cheyenne Martin at

Emergency Cards have gone vitrual! Please see the the PVMS Community One Note or PDF below for completion instructions

**Special note for emergency cards: Please fill out the cards with your legal name that matches your identification. This makes the check ourt process much more streamlined with our system when your child needs to be checked out for an appointment. i.e- If your name is Rebecca, but you go by Becky, please fill out the form with Rebecca.

Reporting a Student Absence

You can report it one of two ways:

1. Go to the PVMS website and click on Absences

2. Send in a note upon your student’s return to school.

Remind Codes and Syllabi

All teachers have handed out their class syllabus at this time. There is helpful information in this document. If you haven't see all of the syllabi for your child, they are available at Remind codes are available on the syllabus and will be updated on our website shortly.

Family website for Math Resource

Open Up Resources has a site for families to gain additional information. This information can be found here.

PBIS Store and Letters

The PBIS Store will be open virtually this year! Letters to access PBIS Rewards were sent home in resource bags for mySchool students, and were handed out through 1st period classes for Traditional students. The store is available the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, with a reminder posted in myLearning and on our social media sites.

Please see information regarding PBIS in the PVMS Community One Note.

Are you interested in volunteering? Corporal Elders has an opportunity!

We have resumed Jr. Explorer meetings every Thursday, at Safety Town from 6 p.m. to 8 pm. If you can note it is a good opportunity for those youth that need community service hours for any clubs or scholarship programs. The Remind sign up is Jr. Explorer Club 915- Text @c7daae to 81010.

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Curbside Meals

Here is a link for information from District on curbside meals and the link to sign up:

Schoolwide Resource Sheet

Don't forget about the Schoolwide Resource Sheet from your All Paws In or Panthers Protecting Everyone course! This sheet contains helpful information for each of the MYP Subject Areas as well as Athletics and Social Media.

The Resource Sheet is available in the PVMS Community One Note.

Adventure Society Trips and Informational Meetings

Are you ready to see the world? Adventure Society has trips planned to the following locations:

  • New York & Washington D.C. March 2022
  • Japan June 2022
  • England, Ireland & Scotland June 2022
  • Italy, Greece & the Islands June 2023

For more information please visit:

Or email:

Your adventure awaits!

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Information from Karen Allen from the Land O' Lakes Library

I have some big news for you and your students. Pasco County Library System now has the app CloudLibrary. This app makes enjoying the library easier than ever. Use the app to browse and borrow a new collection of ebooks and audiobooks, skip the line by using your smartphone to check materials out from within the stacks, and never forget your library card again with a virtual library card. This free service is available to all Pasco County library patrons. Learn more about CloudLibrary here:

The library has a number of virtual and curbside programs for all ages. Our schedule can be found at and all our programs are free. Since many of them are virtual, it would be easy for you to participate in programs at our other branches as well.

I would like to point out that last Saturday, we had DIY Take and Make Crafts for Pre-Teens (grades 4-6) and we still have some left. It is a Book Hedgehog craft. Supplies are limited and no library cards required.

Also, on April 20th, we start registration for Tinkering Tuesday: I Got the Blues (Grades K-5). In this "Tinkering Tuesdays" program series, we will explore the theme BLUE using crafts and STEAM activities to help young learners explore the world around them. Available to 35 participants. Kids can register here:

We are celebrating National Poetry Month and we had posted a few of our favorite poems on Facebook. Here's the link to that playlist:

We had also created virtual book displays for National Poetry Month. If you click on the book covers, it will take you to our electronic catalog. Then you can place a hold on the book with your Pasco County Library Card. Many of the books on display are newer books.

* The virtual poetry book display for school age children;
* Teen virtual poetry book display;
* Adult virtual poetry book display;

Next month I will share information about the summer reading clubs and our virtual programs.

Year 3 Parent Night Presentations

If you weren't able to attend the presentation, you can still see all the presentations from the following areas and the recording in our PVMS Community OneNote by clicking here:

Science Fair

History Fair

Community Project

Year 3 End of Year Activities

PVMS News is on YouTube!

Please use the link below to tune in to the PVMS News at your convenience! Be sure to check often, as this is one more way that we are all #IBCommunicators!

Birthday Grams Available!

Would you like your child's big day celebrated at PVMS? Celebrate a birthday by going to RYCOR- $5 for a Happy Birthday song in cafeteria, balloon and sweet treat from cafeteria!

Dress Code

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Asbestos Notification





The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a final rule, 40 CFR Part 763, Asbestos Containing Material in schools, commonly referred to as AHERA. This rule requires all Local Education Agencies (LEA’s) to identify asbestos containing materials (ACM) in their school buildings and to take appropriate actions to control the release of asbestos fibers.

All inspections for Pine View Middle School have been completed and a Management Plan describing the results of the inspection and the action plan to control any asbestos found during the inspection, where applicable, has been submitted to the governor for approval. A copy of this plan is located in the administrative office of this school and at the Pasco County Schools Maintenance & Facility Services Department and is available for review upon request.