Making the Future Bright By Emily

Waters Importance

Water comes from rain, oceans, rivers, lakes, creeks, dames, seas and even the living from the previous generations. Wow that’s a lot! “How are we running out?” you ask. We’re running out of water by you and me wasting a precious resource. Everyone will die if you continue to waste water! I hear you ask, “How does water come from the living from the past.” Well, the Water Cycle of course. The water Cycle is like any Cycle. It keeps on going but the water cycle has a twist. The same water drop goes through the same cycle for millions of years which means today we drink the same water as the dinosaurs! Ewe! The only person that’s in my family that would like that is my 3 year old brother,


Not Being Aware

Many people, in fact most people waste water in their everyday life. For example if you do the ice bucket challenge not on grass, Imagine how many buckets of water a day have been dropped on pavements. This is caused by not thinking about simple everyday things and not making every drop count. I for one absolutely believe that globally we need to improve in how lazy we are because it is making a tremendous effect on our society and environment.

Spreading the Word

Telling others about the consequences that come to follow if we continue this way is a remarkable idea. Creating posters, making a committee or even just giving others a gentle reminder is something you can do to help save water.

The Future

The Future is not a good thing with no water or no us. Slowly there has become a distinction of breathing, living creatures. If you want that to be the Future then continue to waste water, but if not then you need to do something now!

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