Slogan: Stronger the Government, Weaker the people

National Leaders

Assuming the states debt, The National Bank and the French Revolution.

Assuming the states debt

The Democratic-Republicans did not like the idea of assuming the states debts. But, they eventually agreed to it when the Federalist agreed to move the National Capital to Potomac river in the south. This was similar to the time when the Federalist agreed to move the capital to the middle of the state.

Creation of the National Bank

The Democratic-Republicans argued that the Constitution did not specifically grant Congress the right to create a National bank. The Democratic-Republicans objected to the extension of power and wanted to balance the Federal power with the States power.

The French Revolution

During the French Revolution in 1789, the Democratic-Republicans supported the French overthrow of their king.

Power over the National Government, Alien & Sedition Acts, and War with Britain

Power over the National Government

The Democratic-Republicans believed that a strong Federal Government would weaken and would not respect the rights of the People or the States.

The Alien & Sedition Acts

The Alien and Sedition Acts were designed to silence and weaken the Democratic-Republicans and silence its newspapers. The Democratic Republicans argued that the Federalist were violating Suppression of their Freedom of the Press.

War with Britain

The Democratic-Republicans argued that the britain was trying to get the Native Americans to attack them.

By: Avery Snipes