terrorism in the united states

by hunter folan

my problem

my problem is terrorism in the united states . I choose terrorism because its a big problem, especially right now. Because terrorism causes our citizens to be scared, hurt or even killed so its not something we can ignore. The community I choose was the united states because its been in the united states a lot through out history.

my survey

In my survey I found that all the people that took the survey were against terrorism. Also, almost everyone thought that they did it more for their country than for their family's. They also thought that some terrorist's didn't want to commit terrorism. plus, nobody supported terrorism and believed their country's are suffering to.

my interview

In my interview I found that all the responses I got mainly said terrorism is bad and affects the citizens negatively. I also learned that some people thought that the government could do better.

my back round research

In my background research I found that terrorism goes back to, or even farther than the 1800's. terrorism is usually made a problem when the terrorist's country try's to force religion or change on to other country's. this will usually involve hurting and killing civilians or other country's.

my solution

my solution is to have a type of evacuation system or a way for citizens to be protected if any terrorism occurs to make sure no more lives are lost. for this to happen the president ,congress and the supreme court would have to come together to figure out the best possible way to go through with this and put it into effect which could take a long time.