May Newsletter


What's Upcoming?

School Is OUT- Get creative with your partying this summer! Do a PMS party (Purse, Margaritas, & Salsa). What about a wine tasting party where the best wine brought gets a free gift?? Pool parties are a GREAT IDEA too!

May Special- Great deal on the New Day Tote! Wonderful diaper bag or gym bag. Know any mommies-to-be that might love this to hold all their baby necessities??

June Special- MEDIUM UTILITY TOTE OR INSERT for $12, who do you know that's been eagerly waiting for the inserts to come back?? Well this is your time to share this AMAZING special with them!

NATIONAL CONFERENCE- This is THE event of the year! You don't want to miss it! July 16-18 (Sat-Mon). The speakers are amazing and the gifts are FABULOUS! End of MAY is the cut off on registration, so sign up QUICK!

DREAM REWARDS- Did you know every big of PV you submit between now and Sept is a point that counts towards earning GIFT CARDS?? 5000= $100 gift card/ 10,000=$600 GC/ 20,000= $1300 GC Which level do you want??

NEW Hostess Bonus- June & July hostesses get the added bonus of a FREE gift when they qualify for the monthly HOSTESS special ($600 party). They get a FREE Her Deluxe Backpack or Take Two Tote!

WONDER WOMEN!! (March-April)

GOLD STAR: (over $500 a month)

Amy Redden- $675 (March)

Kristel Wallace- $808 (March)

Kelly Fainter- $638.50 (March)

PLATNIUM STAR: (over $1000 a month)

Kimberlee Scheetz- $1,212 (March)

Tiffany Houston- $1,000 (March)

Sylvia Maupin- $1,012.50 (March)

Jessica Byars- $1,014.50 (March)

DREAM BUILDERS: (recruited a new girl)

Who's gonna make this list next month??!!

BEAT YOUR LEADER! Catherine's PV: $3,574 (March), 3 recruits/ $1,058 (April)