eWalkThrough Fuel

April 2018 Vol. 4 No. 5

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1) Every Classroom, Every Building, Every Day!

The success of an eWalkThrough® system is directly dependent on getting into classrooms. Making regular visits to a variety of classrooms at different times of the day is the hallmark of an effective system.

2) Teacher Data is Accurate.

This includes teacher name, building, grade level/content area. There is nothing worse than making a walkthrough a priority, walking into a classroom, and realizing that a teacher isn't listed in your system. Changes can be emailed 24/7 to eWalkThrough@swplains.org .

3) Tool Face and Elements are Reflective of District Priorities.

Equally as important as having accurate teacher data is making sure the elements and data points within the tool face are consistent with current district priorities. Custom eWalkThrough® systems receive complimentary changes to their tool face annually.

4) Observers are calibrated.

eWalkThrough® systems are reliant on the observers who use them. Each year it's important to make sure all observers understand each element in the same way. It's always good to recalibrate when you have new Observers and/or Data Elements added to your system.

5) eWalkThrough® data is analyzed regularly.

The power of a strong system lies in analyzing your data. With a robust filtering system, disaggregating data to view trends is easy. Data can be used to drive PL decisions, provide fuel for observer/teacher conversations, and describe the current state of instruction.

6) Feedback is Consistent and Thought Provoking.

One of the best features of a classroom observation system is the opportunity to provide timely feedback to those being observed. Effective systems prioritize the comments/probing questions section to begin a collaborative dialogue between observer and teacher.

7). Relationships are Priority #1.

It's easy to get bogged down with multiple responsibilities. Take time each day to get into classrooms each day. Focus on catching teachers in the act of delivering excellent instruction. It's priceless.
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