"Thou Shall not Kill"

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Innocent people are dying!

Older women are being

accused of witchcraft

because they are vulnerable

and an easy target.

These girls and women are not possessed by the devil!

The Salem Court has no proof

these girls are being controlled

by the devil.
Witchcraft started when a couple local teenage girls started acting strange. The girls were acting so strange that Doctor, William Griggs, didn’t know what the illness was. He diagnosed the girls with bewitchment. After this, the girls started accusing the most helpless women in Salem of being witches. The young girls are accusing the older, lower class, poor women of Salem. These women do not deserve to die just because they are not high in our society. Stop this pointless killing. Go forth with our faith and set the innocent people free! THESE WOMEN ARE NOT WITCHES!
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