Rio De Janeiro

Things to Do

Christ The Redeemer

1.It is an Art Deco Statue of Jesus Christ

2.The statue sits upon Corcavado a large moutain in Rio De Janeiro

3.To get to the statue you have to ride a taxi or cog train which if you look to the right you will see spectacular sights

4.It is the 5th tallest statue of Jesus

5.The right arm points south and the left arm points north

2nd Attraction

Sugarloaf Mountain

1.You have to take a cable car to the top

2.The mountain has a peak 396 meters high

3.You can see multiple attractions from the cable car and the top of the mountain

4.Over 1 Million people visit Sugarloaf Mountain each year

5.You can buy tickets multiple places to get to the top of the mountain