Croydon's History

By Aditya G and Chloe P

Who Were The Original Inhabitants And How Did They Live

The Original inhabitants were the Wangal people [Aboringals]. They did not live in brick houses like we do. They lived in houses made out of bark. The Aboriginals hunted for fish , kangaroo , and dingo . the gathered oysters , mussels and fruit .They got there clothing from animals skin examples are dingo and kangarooos , they were peaceful people and did not hurt anyone .
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who were the first settlers ? why did they move into this area ? how did they live ?

The first settlers wer the British and the European.The British and Eurpeas moved in the area beacause they needed more land for farming because the land was flat John Tounson house was burnt down by a group of Aboriganals and he moved to ashfield.The aboriganals were thought they were a threate to the British and Europeans.

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what are some of the major events of our area

Croydon has had many major events in its history.Some of these events are in 1983 Malvern Hill easte was heritage listed.First brickyards in the area opened at what is now centenary park.1788 captain Authur Phillip and the first Fleet began the colony of Sydney and 1797 a group of Aboriganals burnt down down John Townson's house.He did move to Ashfield.

What Is Croydon Like Today

Croydon has many shops Croydon has had many major events. Croydon has many grand homes.It has many shops.

Post office


Train station

Bus stop


Croydon also has many parks

Centenary park

Blair park

It has schools

Croydon,PLC,Burwood girls

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First Fleet - Behind the News
Australian Aborigines
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