A Message from The Administration Team

Good Morning Montclair Parents/Guardians,

As we get ready to transition again to another learning environment, we would like to inform our families of a few noted upcoming events and continued policies. Please read through this carefully.

Parents/guardians, be mindful that all student information will be sent directly to your student's email addresses. Please make sure that you have access to those emails. You will need to have access to their email's especially as we transition to Plan A Blended Learning. Leadership will be sending updates about their class schedules, transportation information, and other matters that would be affected during our change, so please check it like you would your social media pages. Speaking of which, Montclair's faculty and staff work hard to ensure that families are informed through various communication outlets. If you are not following us on all our social media pages, please take this time to follow and subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter, Classdojo, and Youtube page.

The Qualtrics Symptom daily screener is to be completed every morning before the student arrives on campus. The administration team will be sending the link to help families access it easily. Completing the screener allows us to maintain the safety of the staff and students while in the building at Montclair and enables the screening process to go quickly and effectively. The screener also ensures that we are keeping all students safe as they are being transported to school on the buses. We understand that our families are adjusting to the new route of Plan B learning; however, as we edge closer to our Transition to Plan A, families must get into a habit of completing the screener. During Plan A, Mr. Gillespie will keep documentation of the symptom screener. A loss of bus privileges may result from those families who repeatedly fail to complete the screener. Please remember that our number one focus is on student safety.

Lastly, important events that you need to know that is coming up. On Monday, April 12, 2021, all students whose parents have opted for in-person learning will report to Montclair Elementary School. Students will return to a four-day week in-person schedule. Wednesdays will remain asynchronous for all students, and teachers will be focusing on planning and might unavailable during this day. No live instruction will take place on Wednesdays. Additionally, Spring Break will take place from April 5-9. During this time, please continue to encourage your child to practice the 3Ws as we get ready to come back in-person the following Monday.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for administrators, please feel free to click on our google meets linked to this page's bottom. If not, we encourage you to have a Terrific Tuesday.

Principal-Stephanie Wall Powell

Assistant Principal-Darius B.Gillespie

"Coffee Conversations" Plan A Update
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