Summer Academy 2015

Mrs. Miller classes


Join us as we explore, learn, problem solve, and create amazing and unique worlds together using the popular game Minecraft. Minecraft is a 3-D simulation game in which players work on their own, or collaboratively, to discover resources and use them to craft and build a unique world. Participants will spend time being challenged by puzzles, quests, and games as they explore the worlds of Minecraft. This class was sold out last year, so don't wait!!

3 Sessions offered:

  • Session 1: June 29-July 2 8:45-10:15
  • Session 2: July 6-9 8:45-10:15
  • Session 3: June 13-16 8:45-10:15


  • $90

Let's Get Crazy with LEGOs!!

Calling all brick building LEGO fans!! On your mark, get set, build! This class will be sure to engage and motivate any young mind whom loves to create and build using their imagination! Show your creativity as you build Lego creations! Each day we will offer challenges, both group and individual, free play (with project ideas) and a time at the end of class for Show & Tell. This is an ideal class for any Lego-maniac!

3 Sessions Offered:

  • Session 1 June 29-July 2 12:30-2:00
  • Session 2 July 6-9 12:30-2:00
  • Session 3 July 13-16 12:30-2:00


  • $90

Keyboarding for Kids!!

Keyboarding is becoming more and more of a standard skill needed and used regularly. The goal of this camp is to provide a comfortable and receptive environment where children can acquire these keyboarding skills. Being familiar and comfortable with typing can aid with concentration, reduce the stresses associated with school work and assist the child in recognizing and identifying his/her own accomplishments. This camp will teach keyboarding technique, accuracy and speed, use software that engages the student and reinforces continued practice, include lessons, games, and exercises and much, much, more!!

3 Sessions offered:

  • Session 1 June 29-July 2 10:30-12:00
  • Session 2 July 6-9 10:30-12:00
  • Session 3 July 13-16 10:30-12:00

  • $90

Mrs. Jessica Miller

Mrs. Miller serves as the Central and Middle School Media Specialist, During the school year, she teaches Digital Citizenship in the middle school as well as literacy and technology in Central School. She is the AV coordinator at the middle school and elementary technology facilitator at Central. She is involved with numerous extra-curricular activities including Battle of the Books, HMS Cross Country, HMS Track, Bulldawg Buddies, Central School Student Council, Peer Mediation, and many more! Most of all, she LOVES working with children!!