A Fun Time In The Carolina's

A Trip To Carowinds By Star Corp.


Are group Star Corp. is supporting the trip and planed the trip to Carowinds. This Smore is to pow-saw you to let us go to Carowinds. Set back relax this might take a while.
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Carowinds 2010-Official Teaser
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Google Keep Notes

To Carowinds
Ticket: 59.99
Students: 59.99
Grown-ups: 59.99
Bus: Jean's Buses
Miles: 3.35.
How many seats: 56
Per Hour: 650
Per Day: 890
Total Price: 3309.56

Equations to remember:
D = r t
10s = 1c


Well I hope with all this information that we pow-saw you to pick are trip to Carowinds.