Home Sweet Home

Facts About the Homeless Residents of the United States

What are we about?

Home Sweet Home is a program dedicated to helping those in need. There are currently over 1.5 million helpless, homeless, and hungry people in the U.S. (Homelessness/Poverty Stats) Our dedicated staff plans to give help find these people jobs or even employ them with us after a set amount of time. Our mission is to provide a safe place with comfortable beds and three meals a day for any person classified as homeless. For the start to this organization we plan to start in New York City.

General Statistics About Homeless Society of the United States.

Out of all these homeless people 28% don't eat daily (Homelessness/Poverty Stats). That means that there are people just like you and me out there are starving with no where to go (Homelessness/Poverty Stats). 36% of these homeless are families with children. 44% are single lonely men and 13% are lonely women (Homelessness/Poverty Stats). Being alone in this situation could be very dangerous, especially considering 66% of homeless people have problems with alcohol, drug abuse, or mental illness (Homelessness/Poverty Stats). The percentage of homeless people in the U.S. was at 2.3% in 2011 and jumped to 3.6% in 2013 (Homelessness In America the Unseen Community). The poverty rate has jumped to 15% in the last three years and 12% are in jeopardy of losing their home (Homelessness In America the Unseen Community). There are even unaccompanied children that account for 7% of the population of homeless (Facts and FIgures-The Homeless). All of these people need somewhere to be safe and full.


Contact us with your questions at www.HomeSweetHome.org or call us at 555-417-1114 for extra details.


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