S.E.E.D. Party

Sonny Gonzalez, Eric Arambula, Eric Landin, Daisy Garcia

Our Motto

Planting the seed for a better America.


Our party wants to make abortions legal for women who cannot sustain a baby on their own and for women who are in a life-threatening situation. There are many women who should not have babies, like drug users or alcoholics- it would not be fair for a baby to be birthed with impairments because of the detrimental habits of the mother. There is also a point where women who are in poverty are not able to support another life. How can they care for a being that depends on them solely when they cannot even support themselves. There should be more funding for organizations that promote protected sex and for the places that provide these medical procedures, mainly Planned Parenthood. Those organizations should not be persecuted because of what they do, instead they should be seen as a teaching institution for young and old alike

Death Penalty

Our party believes that the death penalty should be abolished due to many reasons following. It costs a lot more to execute someone rather than keep them in prison for life. Prison for life would be much more torturous to the criminal rather than dying right away. With the extra money, we could be paying for college tuitions. It is a known fact that states with no death penalty have a lower murder rate than those who do. Also, when someone is sentenced to death penalty it is always a result from what lawyer they are being represented and provided with and if the victim has with him a bad lawyer, then that is not the fault of the victim.

Foreign Policy

Our political party agrees that we should participate in foreign affairs but not all problems since many issues that country’s face can be resolved within its own infrastructure we do not need to fix every problem. Countries like Iran and Syria are suffering problems that is causing problems to their government but the problem is within. We should be able to help countries that actually require the help a country needs since they are requesting the assistance. Our foreign policy should resemble our nation’s ideals and values because we must inspire the faith of democracy. The American citizens that our political party would attain to is the average American who is patriotic enough to care and assist the country. The average citizen should be able to follow our ideals and the values we follow.

Gun Control

Within our party, we took great measures with coming up with a policy that would satisfy both sides of the issue. We agreed that firearms within the correct hands could be as safe as riding a bicycle, we agreed that a firearm within the wrong hands could be an unnecessary danger to our citizens. We concluded that the restriction of certain firearms is unnecessary, instead we believe when an American wants to purchase a firearm they will be subject to assessment. In the assessment the wannabe gun owner would go through series of tests that would disqualify or qualify them for ownership, and if they wish they may receive proper training that would qualify them to be permitted

Legalization of Marijuana

The S.E.E.D. Party supports all efforts to make marijuana legal for adults in America. There is a substantial amount of profit that the government can gain from legalizing and taxing the sale of marijuana. Although there is an issue with the age of use, there should be measures put in place to clearly outline the rules for the use of this drug. The S.E.E.D. Party already supports the medical use of marijuana in the states, and we feel that it is very helpful for the many Americans who have pain and/or suffering. Marijuana, although a drug, should be seen as having a positive impact on the United States, in revenue and on the well-being of the citizens.