Gregor Mendel

The Man who led the Way in Genetics

Gregor Mendel

Gregor Menndel was a scientist from a long time ago and led the way for the field of genetics. He was an extremely smart, and gifted person

Early Years

Gregor may have been a person who led the way for the feild of genetics, but he didn't have it easy as a child. Gregor's family was poor, so even though he got recognized as a gifted student he still couldn't go to a prestigious school that he got accepted to. In contrast to those struggles, he did have some successes. He was very intelligent, and got accepted to a great school.

Mendel's Experiment Design

Mendel didn't just wake up and make big discoveries about how genes worked. No, he first had to come up with an experiment design. His goal was that he was trying to see how many new forms of pea plants would form. To find this, he used pea plants because they grew quickly, and crossed their traits to see what traits showed up.

The Data and What it Means

Some of the data that was collected was that there were over 5000 round pods, not nearly as many angular pods, and a lot of the traits were at a 3:1 ratio. This data means that some traits are more dominant then others, and some are more recessive. That's perty neat if you ask me!!!

Scientist Reaction's at the Time and the Foundation it Layed

At the time, scientist didn't really understand the data so they brushed it off as nothing. But we know now that Mendel's Research is a solid foundation for the field of genetics. This because Mendel discovered lots of things about how genes are passed on

Mendel's Vocabulary that he DIscovered


Definition: To be the gene that shows up if it is there

Example: I have blue eyes because it is a dominant gene from my father.


Definition: A gene that only shows if there is no dominant gene there

Example: My parents both have blond hair, but I have pink only because they both gave me recessive pink hair genes


Definition- Gene that is neither dominant nor recissive (both would show)

Example: A chicken that has both white and black feathers