Norfolk Junior High Journal

Norfolk Junior High

By Erick Wright

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Favorite App or Video Game

Splashy Fish

To play Splashy Fish you have to tap the screen to get the fish between the pipes. If you don’t get the fish between the pipes, he dies. If you touch the ground or the pipes, you die and you have to restart. The point of the game is to have fun and try to beat your high scores. When you get far, you get rewards. You can get your fish different colors and you can get him items to wear.

You can get coins and buy different items or backgrounds.

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There was a weasel who wanted to buy candy, but he didn’t have any money. There was a monkey who was rich and had a ton of pennies. One day, the weasel met the monkey at the park. The weasel said, Hi, my name is Harrold.

The monkey said, Hi my name is Jack.

Jack said, Let’s be friends.

Jack said, okay. Then the weasel and jack were playing tag. Jack got tired and went to sleep with his bag of pennies under his arm. Jack said that he was sleeping and his bag of pennies went missing. Harrold walked slowly towards Jack trying not to wake him up and he stole the bag of pennies. Jack heard the coins jingle in the bag and woke up. Harrold stole his pennies. Jack wanted them back and chased him around and around a bush.

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Movie Review

The Dark Night

The two main characters are Batman as Christian Bale and the Joker as Heath Ledger. The Joker is the villain and he tries to kill all the good people and the only person who can stop him is Batman. The movie takes place in Gotham City in 2008. The moral is, if you're a bad guy you will eventually get caught. The Dark Night is rated PG-13. I like this movie because it is interesting and has action in it.

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Feature Story

Ground Squirrels

They live underground and that is where they make a nest. They are related to Tree Squirrels and can climb trees, but whenever they get frightened they run back to their burrows. They usually hibernate during Winter and Fall. They eat seeds, grasses, and insects. Badgers, coyotes, eagles, and hawks are their predators. Ground squirrels are only active in the day. They usually only grow to 9-11 inches in length. Ground squirrels can be black, brown, gray, red, or white and can have spots or stripes. They live in meadows, prairies, deserts, and mountains. They try to avoid thick chaparral, dense woods, and wet areas. Mothers have 7-12 babies during spring. Ground squirrels are illegal to hunt, unless they are destroying property. It is not required to have a hunting license to hunt ground squirrels if they are damaging property.

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Erick Wright went to Norfolk High School, he didn't participate in any sports. He worked at Wendy's. He went to Northeast Community College, he majored in secondary English. After he finished college, he became a teacher and took classes for it. He had the same job until he was 40 and had one kids. He is five feet tall. He moved to Calgary, Canada and lives there.
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