Preventing Lead Poisoning

By: Nicole McCracken

What is Lead Poisoning?

It is very easy for children to be exposed to lead and to have the possibility of being susceptible to the chances of developing lead poisoning. All children under the age of 6 years old are at risk because they are growing so rapidly and because they tend to put their hands or other objects, which may have lead or dust on them that they might put in their mouths.

What Causes Lead Poisoning?

Lead occurs naturally in the Earth's surface but humans have mined, burned, and manufactured it into many different things. Lead is in paint, water pipes and imported canned goods, traditional remedies, soil, household dust, pottery, toys, etc.

5 Ways to Prevent Lead Poisoning:

  1. Get children tested/screened for lead poisoning regularly.
  2. Evaluate the high-risk conditions at home or anyplace where your child spends a substantial amount of time.
  3. Check the dirt.
  4. Watch your family's diet and hygiene.
  5. Make everybody take their shoes off before entering the home.