Potomac Falls Drama

Monthly Newsletter - March/April 2023

Purchase Music Man Tickets

3% Service charge for all credit card sales at the door for tickets/concessions

Purchase Well Wish AD

Deadline 4/1/23

Parent Volunteers needed for Music Man

Please help support the department and the Drama students by signing up to help during tech dinners, donating food, or Concessions/ticketing. Signup

If you signup to help for ticketing, you can leave right after the show starts or watch the show for FREE.

Register for Summer Camp

Limited space available- No Refunds

Boosters Award For Graduating Seniors

The Do Something Dramatic Senior Award offers a financial award to all seniors pursuing higher education in any performing art. Trade school, major or minor in college. Deadline for seniors to apply for the Boosters Award is April 28, 2023.

Apply here

Congratulations to the Cast & Crew of The Miracle Worker

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