Extra-Curricular/Clubs at Warren!

Because every day needs a little something extra!

Student Council

The purpose of student council is to encourage leadership and teamwork. Student council is a great way to voice your opinion. It's also a good represent your grade and prove your leadership skills. Of course, you have to be voted in by your fellow student body, you must also have good grades. Student council is a great way to get involved at Warren.


The purpose of athletics is to encourage teamwork and to push students to work hard to achieve a goal. Athletics can help you meet new people that can eventually become your friends. It gives you a great chance to show your school spirit, and it can help you improve your talent in a sport. It's also a great way to stay in shape! Although athletics is very exciting, you will have to get up very early, you probably have to get up at around 5:00 in the morning. Athletic activities include: basketball, football, volleyball, cross country,etc.

Broadcast Journalism

The purpose of Broadcast Journalism is to encourage students to be creative with their writing. It teaches you to take a simple prompt or bit of information, and you get to put it into your own words. You get to add ideas and opinions, you can let your imagination run wild. Another benefit is you learn how to be a pro typist. You get to use a website to practice typing. The only reason not to join is if you hate to write. This is an all-round great class.


Although the stereotypical cheerleader is mean and snobby, our cheerleaders are nice and friendly. They support Warren by cheering them on during athletic events and get students into a cheerful mood during games. Whether Warren is winning or losing, the cheerleaders help encourage the team to do their best no master what. Warren also has a cheer competition team. The only downside is you have to attend every game, but that can also be good if you think about it.


One of the most hardworking electives; band. The kids that take band have so much overall talent. They work hard to perform and become better at their instruments. It takes a lot of practice, but the ending outcome is amazing. It's so impressive listening to some of your fellow classmates be able to make such beautiful sounds. Watching them ply their instruments with such passion will take your breath away. You could be one of those kids! There is one downside to band; it's very expensive!