Leonard Susskind


Early Life

Born into poverty in the South Bronx of New York, Susskind was the first of his family to not become a plumber. His parents were in disbelief when he first started his aspirations in becoming a Physicist. After being a trouble maker throughout grade school, Susskind received a B.S. from the city college of NY in 1962.

Later Education

He later went on to receive a P.h.d. from Cornell University in 1965, followed by a 1 year post doctoral fellowship from the National Science Foundation.


College Prefessor from 1966-Present. (Yeshiva and Standford)
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The String Theory

Susskind is known for his contribution in the creation of the string theory. The string theory model replaces particles with one diminutional objects. It states that particles are not single points. but they are actually tiny loops of string. This theory allows the idea that the particles are able to oscillate in many different directions. If the string oscillates it is known as a quark or a photon; this is also a theory derived from Susskind. It has been stated that if the string theory is accurate, the whole world is made of strings. Susskind has also been called "The man who proved Stephen Hawking wrong".
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