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Community Newsletter - January 23, 2023

A Message from Principal Whitehead...

In this position, I get to see students do things that they really enjoy. I watch basketball; I see dance practice; I observe group work in classes; I listen to band practice; I see them participate in clubs. There is something so encouraging about seeing students as they embrace the skills - academic, social, and creative - that will carry them far into the future.

So many of our teachers plan interactive lessons that integrate technology; please remember that your child needs to bring his/her chromebook everyday.

The administrative team has begun speaking with the 7th graders individually so that they can look at their academic growth and setting goals for this second semester. We enjoy having these critical discussion with each of our students.

Several of our students participated in UIL Academics about a week ago on our campus. For certain events, we are taking students to the meet at Burnet Middle School on Monday. We are especially excited to see how our teams do in competition!

This Week @ Jarrell Middle School

Monday, January 23rd

*UIL Events @ Burnet Middle School

(departs @ 2:00 PM)

Tuesday, January 24th

* Minecraft Club @ 4:00 PM

Wednesday, January 25th

*STUCO Meeting 7:15AM

Thursday, January 26th

*Pokemon Club @ 4:00PM

*Rubik's Cube Club @ 4:00PM

*Crochet Club @ 4:00PM

*Boys Basketball @ Lampasas

*Home Girls Basketball vs. Lampasas @ 5:30 PM

Friday, January 27th

*Progress Report 1

*8th Grade ZAP 4:00-6:00


Monday, February 6th

*Rising 9th grade Meeting @ JHS 6pm

Attendance Procedure

Friendly Reminder: If your student is going to be absent from school for any reason please email our attendance clerk Ashley Edwards at with any parent notes, excuse letters or doctors notes.

Chromebooks are an essential school supply every day!

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January Virtue: Respect

As adults, we know that good manners will take you a long way in life. If you spill something, make an effort to clean it up or find someone who can. If you bump into someone, say, “Excuse me.” When children are young, parents can frequently be heard teaching these life lessons. Sometimes our teens and tweens need a refresher course. Even with technology, we still need face to face communication. Consider making meal times technology free and practice the art of conversation.

A smile on your face and some common courtesy can have a positive impact on others around you and your success. Some of the areas where teens may benefit from etiquette instruction include:

  • Making eye contact

  • Greeting people

  • Learning how to remember people’s names

  • Behaving at a meal in public or at another’s house

  • Giving a sincere apology

  • Writing a thank you note

  • Giving and receiving compliments

  • Being a good guest and host at parties

  • Practicing good sportsmanship

  • Telephone and social media manners

This Week in SPORTS

Our Girls Basketball team played against Taylor Middle School this week.

7th grade B team lost an exciting game 19-18.

The whole team stepped up and worked hard. Everyone did what the needed to for us to be successful. Layla Padilla and Madison Bond were the stand out players.

7th grade A team won 34-17!

The girls provided outstanding teamwork and the stand out player of the game was Megan Templeton.

8th B team: Won 41-10!

What a game! Zlanser Paye and Bailey Lockhart were defensive players of the game.

8th A team won 42-30.

The girls worked so hard and made it happen! Desaray Benavidez was the most out standing this week.

The Lady Cougars will play Lampasas at HOME next week (1/26)! This will be their LAST Home Game - come support those girls!

Our Boys Basketball teams played Taylor at Home this week.

Jarrell Cougars 7th grade B-

The team came prepared to play the Taylor Ducks. Taylor was able to score quickly but they were stopped by our defense. Jarrell’s offense started to pull some plays to get points on the board. Kole Nolan had a great game putting 12 points on the board. The cougars started losing momentum and ultimately lost the game.

Jarrell Cougars 7th grade A:

The Cougars had a tough loss against a talented Taylor team. Joey Gomez and Carson Hinojosa worked together to break the scoring drought with Carson getting an assist off Joey’s 3. Zamir Sanders led the team on defense by not being afraid to play hard in the paint.

Jarrell Cougars 8th grade B: The Jarrell Cougars played a close game against the Taylor Ducks. Offensively they were led by Mariece Tolden and David Davila. Defensively the cougars were led by James Hinton, Landon Lalla, and Julian Ramirez. Overall it was a great team effort to beat the Taylor Ducks!

Jarrell Cougars 8th grade A: Jarrell cougars had a hard fought game against the Ducks unfortunately we came up short losing 40-35. With Gavin Murphy, Taz chandler, and Jairo Hernandez leading our team in defense steals and take always, while Brendon Harvey, Jamari Livesly, and Nathanael Brown making big plays on the offensive to keep the cougars alive.

Join the Cougars as they play the Badgers in Lampasas this Thursday (1/26)!

Basketball Tournament Results

This weekend Jarrell Middle School hosted a tournament for surrounding schools. All Jarrell teams placed third across all brackets! It was fun to see so many students play so well!

Middle School Athletic Schedules

2022-23 Jarrell ISD Academic Calendar

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JMS Office Staff

Jennifer Whitehead - Interim Principal

Charlotte Mendoza - 7th Grade Administrator

April Bradley-McGowan - 6th Grade Administrator

Laura Bicknell - Counselor

Kristin WIlson - Counselor

Mandy Crane - Admin Assistant

Patricia Esquivel - Registrar

Ashley Edwards - Attendance Clerk

Kayla Balderas - Receptionist