Living on Mars

By: Aava Kimia and Isra Qadri Dig lit Pd 1 1/6/16

Why is This Topic Important

How can we create a presentation that will inform others about how scientists and space agencies are finding ways to live on Mars? We chose this topic because soon Earth will run out of the resources that humans need to survive. Living on Mars is a major way to continue human survival. On Mars the will be 7 months of spring, 6 months of summer, 5 months of fall, and 4 months of winter (In the Northern Hemisphere). This makes 22 months total on Mars which is almost half as much on Earth. The average temperature on Mars is -80 degrees to -195 degrees Fahrenheit .

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Facts About Mars

Getting to Mars will require spacesuits that will protect us from radiation, water, oxygen, food, and a multi-billion dollar space ship. NASA also has plans to send astronauts on the 140 million mile and 300 day journey to Mars by the 2030's. When they get there, astronauts will have to live in subway like tunnels to protect them from radiation. There are a few perks of living on Mars, such as a substance called regolith that can act as a sort of concrete. At the south and north poles of Mars, there are seasonally expanding and contracting carbon dioxide ice caps that might house frozen water underneath.
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Others' Opinions

Not all people agree that humans should go to Mars. Some people think that there is plenty of water here and that our atmosphere is perfect. They think that Mars is too harsh of a habitat because we can't grow any crops or plants. Mars's atmosphere is also 95% carbon dioxide, and if astronauts run out of oxygen, they could die. Another problem is that the temperature does not fit with ours, and some humans may not be able to adapt to that. On Earth, the average temperature is 61 degrees and on Mars it is -67 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet, they don't realize that Earth is running out of resources, and that Mars is the closest planet that we can make inhabitable.
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"Mars is there waiting to be reached"

- Buzz Aldrin (former astronaut and second person to walk the moon)

Our Opinion

"I would like to die on Mars, just not on impact" says Elon Musk. He founded SpaceX, a company that is assisting NASA on their journey to Mars. We think that the mission to Mars will be one of the best human accomplishments and that it is necessary for human survival. Over 2 hundred thousand people applied to be the first to live on Mars and we think that it's fantastic that people are so enthusiastic about accomplishing this goal. The journey to Mars is an accomplishment that will be remembered through out the ages of human history.

Could we actually live on Mars? - Mari Foroutan