iPhone 5

Starting from £529.00

Available in 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb

Calls, Text/SMS Messaging, Email, Internet Browsing, Applications, Camera for stills, video and much more.

With the Apple app store 1000's of apps are just a touch away, including apps from games to social networking, staying in touch has never been easier. With its new A6 chip making browsing and apps faster and weighing a mere 112 grams the new iPhone is full of new features

How does the iPhone compare to other devices?

- How does a smartphone camera compare to a dedicated digital camera?

Although a dedicated camera may take higher quality pictures, but the sheer size and weight of the iPhone makes it easy to carry around and have ready to a picture in a moments notice.

- How does a smartphone compare to a laptop computer for checking email?

The convince of the iPhone allows you to check emails anywhere and with iPhone's touch screen deleting, sending and organising is just a finger swipe away.

- How does a smartphone compare with a games console for playing games?

With the iPhone you are able to play games almost anywhere, at home, waiting for the bus or anywhere else. With thousands of games to pick from the Apple app store new games are just a tap away.