CSE GT Newsletter

Pull-out Program for 3rd-5th

November 14, 2016

GT Parents,

This past Friday, your child was given a paper that allows you to have access to their Seesaw account. Seesaw is a digital learning journal that we are using this year to document what we are learning and show the progress of our projects. If I have not yet received the signed parent permission that goes with this, I attached it to that letter. Please try and return the permissions by this Friday. Feel free to put comments and give feedback to your child! I love how this new program helps students and parents stay in touch and see what is happening at school!

We are all spaced out this year! Every grade level is working on a different aspect of our future prospect of going to Mars. And all of them have been able to participate in a distance learning event with a real NASA space scientist! They all did a great job participating and asking good questions during their live session. Some of the students even participated in a virtual field trip to Lockheed Martin Space Systems Center. If you would like to see this event, or if your child missed it and is interested, the recorded version can be found at this link: www.generationbeyondinschool.com/virtualfieldtrip

This Fall 5th graders are going head to head in a competition to design the habitation module for the Orion space craft that will take astronauts to Mars. The competition was designed for middle schoolers (which we are not) and was announced during the virtual field trip, but we are using the rules and I have found judges (AP science students from the high school) to decide the winners of the competition. If anyone is interested in helping me work out the grand prize for the winners, please contact me.

The 4th graders are working on the design of the living quarters on Mars once the astronauts arrive. They must take into consideration all of the harsh conditions they have learned about on Mars and try to create a cozy but functional place for the astronauts to live for an entire year and a half. They will present their projects shark-tank style!

The 3rd graders have the important task of designing the garden that must sustain the food supply for the astronauts once they set up base on Mars. They are studying not only nutritional value of plants, but also trying maximize space and keep in mind lighting, temperature, and water restraints on Mars. One of our GT parents is designing something similar for a science museum in Norway and will be helping answer questions the students have.

The 3rd & 4th graders also learned all about the Rosetta space craft that the European Space Agency crash landed on a comet a little over a month ago. We did experiments with the electromagnetic spectrum as part of our trying to understand how communications and scientific research happen with space craft like Rosetta.

If your child has something at home they would like to use to finish constructing their project, I've asked them to bring it this Friday. If you'd like to find out more about their projects, just check out their Seesaw account and look at the links I've posted to their projects and the things they have posted as well.

Thanks for all you do for your very special and wonderful child!

Melanie Bowen