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April 2-6, 2018

We Are A.R.M.Y. Strong!!

"As a member of the Continental Army, I promise to be Accountable, Respectful, Motivated to Learn, and do mY best."

Yearbook Sales

Your student will be bringing home an order form for the yearbook this week. The price is $20. Make sure to pre-order yours to get the lowest price. You can return the order form to Mrs. Kavanaugh with cash or check made out to Washington Middle School or you can use the link below to order online. Get yours today!

www.inter-state.com/Yearbooks Use order Code: 24474M

8th Grade Spring Pictures Scheduled

8th graders will have their Spring Pictures taken on April 20th. These are the pictures that students will receive in their Recognition Portfolio with the certificate. Students are encouraged to dress up for these pictures. Please be reminded that shoulders need to be covered, dresses or skirts need to be longer than fingertip length, and all outfits need to be school appropriate. Students will take the pictures first thing in the morning, so they are welcome to bring a change in clothes for after the pictures. We will be sending out order forms if you'd like to order additional pictures.

8th Grade Recognition Scheduled

Our 8th graders will be recognized at the Promotion Ceremony on Wednesday, May 23rd at 8:30am in the Bosse High School Auditorium. This is a formal ceremony, so students are encouraged to dress up for the occasion.

The dress code: Ladies can wear dresses, skirts or dress pants. Dresses and skirts must be longer than finger tip length and shoulders must be covered. If girls are wearing dresses with tank tops or straps, they can cover shoulders with sweaters or jackets.

Gentlemen are encouraged to wear dress shirts and ties or bow ties. Jackets and suits are encouraged.

Parking: Parking will be limited to the football stadium parking lot along Highway 41. Please enter the doors that face Washington Avenue. The main parking lot will only be open for handicapped family members.

This is a formal event to honor the work of our students. We ask that you help us model appropriate and respectful behavior during this event by clapping respectfully and refraining from yelling as student names are being called. This is out of respect for all families, so they can also hear their child's name.

Track Meet vs. Lodge and Glenwood

Thursday, April 5th, 4:30pm

1300 Washington Avenue

Evansville, IN

Upcoming Testing

We will finish the third round of the NWEA assessment. This test allows us to see growth from the beginning of the year, middle of the year to now. It also tells us how ready the students are for the second round of ISTEP+. We will be using the information from that NWEA to help us plan lessons and review all of this year's standards for the second round of ISTEP+ at the end of April. Teachers have finished most of the standards for the school year, so we will be working on applying the skills to the real world and looking for ways to improve the skills of communication, collaboration, problem solving and creative thinking. This is the time of year where we put all the pieces together!

How to Help Your Child Deal with Middle School Drama

The following tips come from Babble (https://www.babble.com) and provides some specific steps to help your child deal with middle school drama. Students at this age are determining who their friends are and how they fit in. As they navigate different friend groups and find new friends, there are usually hurt feelings. Middle school students haven't had training on how to filter through what is a big deal and what is not. As adults, we make those decisions daily. We have also learned how to filter our thoughts (keep from saying everything that comes to mind), use social media appropriately, talk through our issues face to face, and have enough confidence to remove ourselves from negative situations and people. While we often want to sweep in and protect our kids from the hurt and frustrations, these are the lessons we need to teach. Using the following tips can help us to get past the hurt and frustrations to the lessons and effective results. If you have any questions or would like some help with handling the drama, please contact Mrs. Amuzie, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Gaffney, Mr. Meyer, or Mrs. Branson.

1. Listen

Dismissing or trivializing the problem can create a divide between you and your daughter. Acknowledge the enormity of this issue in her world, and don’t qualify it by saying something like, “I know this is big to you.” While helping her put the situation in perspective (it’s not the end of the world), try not to minimize it and never let her think that it’s easier and perhaps safer to do nothing at all. Don’t leave her with the perception that this is only a small blip in her life and that she should simply accept the mean behavior without response.

2. Don’t fix it

You actually can’t. But this doesn’t mean you can’t help. You can be there for her to talk to and you can certainly make suggestions, but the truth is she will be better off if you let her find her way. Let her know she has choices — no matter how grim they may feel. Feel free even to offer some options if she is open to them or cannot even fathom what to do. Her obvious choices are to confront the problem directly or to let it go. She could ask a peer or counselor to help. You can help her role play what she might say or do.

The painful moments are the ones that can teach your daughter that she can stand on her own two feet. These are the moments she can step up. And, if her choice doesn’t work, she’ll learn that too. She’ll survive – and so will you.

3. Identify resources — for her and for you

If this situation is out of control and your daughter truly cannot handle it or does not feel safe at school (or wherever the situation is), contact a specialist to help you. In some cases it will not help for you to take matters into your own hands, even if you think you know what’s best. Contact your pediatrician, a school counselor, an administrator, or a teacher that she and you trust. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your number one job is to keep your daughter safe and that comes before everything else.

4. Process the situation on your own time

I know you’re hurting, and frankly it’s likely to have a longer-lasting impact on you than on your daughter in most cases. Nevertheless, reserve your anger for the others involved and find someone you can talk to about it in private. Even joking with your daughter about getting revenge is inappropriate and will only confuse her.

What you need to know about tween and teen girls is that they often hurt one another to make themselves feel better. Gossip is normal. Their brains are developed enough to master manipulation, but not developed enough to fully comprehend the damage they can do. It’s our job as mothers to teach strength and advocacy as well as forgiveness and empathy.

How is your child doing in classes?

Access this link to see your child's grades, discipline, attendance, and schedules. You can also update your contact information or email teachers from this site. If you have questions or you cannot log in, you can contact the main office at Washington Middle School.


If you have questions or concerns about grades you can contact your child's teachers, Mrs. Bender Carrie.Bender@evsc.k12.in.us or Administration to set up meetings.

Teacher Websites

Each subject in each grade level has a class website. These websites are updated with the topics for learning, resources to use as support, and any important dates for the classroom. Click on your child's grade and then select the subject to get to the specific information about your child's class information. If you have any questions about the information on the website, don't hesitate to email your child's teacher with questions or concerns. If you do not receive a response, you can email or call Mr. Meyer or Mrs. Branson.

6th Grade:


7th Grade:


8th Grade:


Related Arts:




Two helpful websites for extra practice

We found two websites that have been very helpful in filling academic gaps for students. We'll be working on these two sites the next few months in our WIN period. Both sites can be worked on at home to further assist students in their academic growth.

www.noredink.com - This is a grammar and language website that supports writing skills. Students will take a diagnostic test this week which will guide them to the lessons, practice and quizzes that they need. Students will work through those lessons each week during WIN period. If you'd like to also support continued growth, please have them work on their lessons at home.

www.prodigygame.com - This is a math game that starts students at certain levels after taking an intro test. Students start at their level and work through the lessons and practice. We will also be working on this during WIN to support student growth in math, but they are encouraged to work on this outside of school as well.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these programs. Thank you in advance for supporting our students' growth in academics.

After-School Programs

All clubs run from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm, with the exception of STEM Club (4:30 pm - 5:30 pm). Each club member is provided a snack beforehand, and bus transportation home is provided.

Children and youth who participate in after-school programs reap a host of positive benefits in a number of areas—academic, social/emotional, and health and wellness. (2008, p. 2)

Programs are as follows:

Hockey - Students are bused to Swonder Ice Arena for lessons and scrimmages on ice. The equipment can be rented. The season runs from October to March every Monday.

Book vs. Movie Club – Students will read books, or excerpts from books and then watch movies that are based on that book. Students then discuss which version they liked better and why. Book vs. Movie will meet on Monday from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

Chronicles of YARNia – Students learn how to crochet and knit. Students will learn basic stitches, how to read a pattern, and learn how to make a sampler blanket. Chronicles of YARNia meets on Monday 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

DIAMONDS – The DIAMOND program, is a YMCA based program that promotes healthy choices and healthy relationships. This program is for female students, and focuses on establishing goals and increasing self-esteem and also encourages volunteering and community service. DIAMONDS program on Monday and Wednesday from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

Y-CAP - The Y-CAP program is also a YMCA based program for young men. This program is an evidence-based program that works with young men and their families, enhancing their mental, educational, social and physical development and by helping them reach their fullest potential. The Y-CAP group programs on Monday and Wednesday from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

Penny Lane – Students are offered study time with a tutor. Penny Lane meets on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

Minecraft Club – Students use this computer game to build and design structures, achieving personal gaming goals. Minecraft requires students to use critical thinking skills and creativity. Minecraft meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

STEM Club – The STEM program is a new addition to after-school programs. Different STEM kits are rented weekly. These kits contain tools and items that can be used to help students learn more about Science and Math. STEM Club meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm.

Mythology Club – Students learn about Greek Mythology and participate in the National Mythological exam. This particular program will be a nationally registered and recognized club with excellence in the classics! Mythology meets on Thursday.

Drama Club – Students learn about basic movement exercises and acting skills. Drama club meets on Thursday from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

Pokemon Club – Students are invited to bring their own Pokemon cards, where they can play against each other or trade their cards. Students really enjoy the social engagement aspect of Pokemon Club. Pokemon Club meets on Friday from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

Study Cafe and Retakes

We will be offering Study Cafe after school again this year. We have divided the session into two parts: Retakes and Tutoring. If your child does not reach proficient on any part of an assessment, they can schedule a retake with their teacher. Their teacher will leave the assessment in a folder for the supervisors, and your child may stay after school to retake.

If your child needs additional support with any subject, they can stay after for tutoring. In order to schedule after school tutoring, students can sign up with Mr. Walls in Room 26A or parents can email Mr. Walls at dominic.walls@evsck12.com.

We are trying to keep the classes small, so students can get the help they need. If students do not sign up for the sessions or schedule an assessment with their teacher, they will not be able to stay. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns regarding help for your child.

Washington Middle School Community Supporters

Job Openings

Inter-State Studio is looking to add a few more photographers to our Spring team! Positions are part-time/seasonal, and no experience is necessary as we provide training. This is a perfect job for a stay at home parent looking to get out of the house 2-4 days a week, or a college student! For more details, please call our local office at 812-401-3801, or email us at nshamell@inter-state.com.

Contact Us!

Please contact us with questions or concerns! If you have specific concerns regarding a teacher or class, we encourage you to email, call or meet with the teacher to work on a solution. Mrs. Bender, our school counselor, is your contact for scheduling or student concerns. Mrs. Miller, our Youth First Social Workers, is your contact for community resources, family support, or student therapy group sessions. Mrs. Amuzie, our school Social Worker, is your contact for Food Bags, Hangers Clothing Bank applications, peer concerns, or general student support. If you have continued concerns, please contact Mr. Meyer, Mr. Gaffney or Ms. Branson. What we don't know can't be fixed!