Come to Georgia!

It's a Colony to Remember

Important Men of Georgia

Georgia is a Land of Fortitude

Last of the famous 13 colonies of America, Georgia was founded by a man named James Oglethorpe in 1732. Savannah is our eloquent capital city, and we are among the most prominent colonies regarding economic growth. We stand in good favor with His Majesty, King George III, and follow rules in his charter.

You are always welcome here!

As desired by our founder, James Oglethorpe, we invite all persecuted or impoverished people to join our colony. We seek to better the lives of those who are hunted for their belief in Protestantism, and those who cannot repay their debt and are stuck in miserable prisons. Come to Georgia, and get a fresh new take on your life in the New World!

Major Crops

We Hope You Will Embark On Your Own Journey to the Royal Colony of Georgia! See You Soon!