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April, 2016

From Susan's Desk...

Hi friends.

It's finally spring! I am so grateful to see the leaves on my hydrangeas and the blooming azaleas. Life.

THIS WEEK IS "LET'S DO LUNCH" at Stacks Kitchen in Matthews. If you'd like to join us on Wednesday at 12:15 p.m., would you please contact Peggy at WomensAdmin@christcovenant.org? We only have two more lunches before we take a break for the summer!

We're launching our promotional information for the TRANSFORMED conference in this newsletter. Please don't miss it and take a minute to go to the website. This is going to be a significant event for our denomination and we're excited to be hosting!

We thought it would be fun to begin introducing you to our Women's Ministries Leadership Team (WMLT), so each month you'll see a few pictures and a little personal information on each of our team members. We are so grateful for these women and we're privileged to introduce them to you. Give them a hug when you see them?

We are so looking forward to a few days at the beach in two weeks! WE STILL HAVE ONE ROOM AVAILABLE if you are able to join us. Please email Peggy at WomensAdmin@christcovenant.org for more information. Look for pictures on our Facebook page :-)

In case you missed it, Friday, April 1 was our Pastor's birthday! If you get a minute, would you just send him a quick note of encouragement?

That's it. Grateful to be doing life with you.




TRANSFORMED is coming to Charlotte!

Since 1989, the PCA has organized conferences specifically for women. Since 2006, CDM has coordinated several international women’s conferences. This year, however, the conference will be closer to home. Rather than one, larger gathering, 2016 Transformed Conference will be held by seven different churches across the country, and in Canada.

Christ Covenant has the privilege of hosting the Southeast regional conference on October 28 & 29! This is an exciting opportunity as we are anticipating between 300 and 400 guests! Please pray with us as we assemble teams to support and facilitate this event. We'll have more information next month --- with news and updates EVERY month until October!

Recommended Reading following our Missions Conference

Mindy Belz, international journalist with WORLD Magazine, has just published her first book, "They Say We are Infidels". Mindy has reported on the ground from the Middle East over the course of a decade, giving her unparalleled access to the story no one wants to believe of Christians in the area. This book is her account of what she has seen, the "harrowing and often inspiring story of men and women of unshakable faith." (Melanie Kirkpatrick review) Available now at Amazon.com and in stores on April 15, 2016.


Did you know that by the end of this month, three of our younger sisters will be WIVES! Congratulations to Brittany Facinoli (Sanges), Mary Frances Roberts and Brandi Belk. So love being part of covenantal generations! As you think of them, please pray for these new families as they launch their lives together.

Community Care Liaisons

TIDBIT #2: Women's Care Team Mission

The Women's Care Team ministry will assist the WMLT and the Pastors/Officers of CCC to ensure that every woman in the church (and, by extension, her family) has the opportunity to be known, connected, and cared for by the church.

Summer Bible Study: God's Heart for Gentiles from the Beginning of Scripture

June 7 through July 12 on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m.

God chose a Hebrew named Abraham to be His means of bringing the gospel blessing to all the world, giving the promise that through him 'all peoples' on earth would be blessed. God selected the Jewish nation to be a channel through which all nations might receive blessing. In this study, we will explore Scripture showing that God's plan of salvation addressed all people, all cultures, and languages from the beginning of time. Registration coming soon.


Let's Do Lunch -- last lunch for the spring season!

Wednesday, May 4th, 12:15pm

2945 Matthews Weddington Road

Matthews, NC

We're going out to lunch...just the girls! Come with us (dutch treat) and connect with friends, old and new. No agenda, just fellowship!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Women's Ministries Staff

We want to be available to you! For information regarding general women's ministries, see our website. For contact information for your Community Liaison, you can click on the "Leadership Team" link.

Staff: Susan Shepherd & Teresa Caldwell