Mrs. Zinzi's Weekly News

We Made it Another Week!

Hello Parents!

I tend to count this week of school as your child's first "real" week of school. This is where the novelty has worn off, so we get a true sense of where we are as a group. It can be a challenging week, but we're up for the task! Your children all seem to be enjoying themselves, and that's the most important part.

This week, I began assigning classroom "jobs." I have eight jobs that are rotated on a weekly basis (so everyone will eventually have a turn at all of them), and they range anywhere from Line Leader to Flag Holder. The children gain some responsibility, and we learn how to all work together to make the classroom structure flow. The challenge in the beginning is for our friends to realize that not everyone gets a turn at the same time, and that they may not always get the job they want. But that's life, right?? They'll learn patience as the year goes on. Again, most of my friends have had no exposure to being around so many children, and have never had to take so many turns. To them, it's tough! It's a learning curve, and we'll get there. :)

I sent home your child's first letter page attached to the cover on a binder ring. This will serve as the place to store all the letter pages I send home throughout the year, which will result in an Alphabet Book once all the pages are completed. Feel free to review the letters and their sounds as they come home!

Each month, we focus on a number, shape, and color. As you know, we introduced RED this week. I also introduced the number 1, and the CIRCLE. It would help at home for you to have yor child identify the number and shape whenever possible (on a sign, on a cereal box, etc.). It helps for them to see classroom concepts applied to the real world.

Thanks so much for all of our yummy snacks so far! We appreciate the sliced fruit, and the nutritious snack choices being sent in. It will offset all the sugar loading that happens when we celebrate birthdays, or when Mrs. Zinzi uses one of her many candy-centered lessons. ;)

As always, drop me a line if you have any questions. Here's to another great week!

Aimie Zinzi