The Pharaohs of egypt

Get to know the pharaohs

The famous pharaohs that ruled Egypt

The first famous pharaoh of Egypt is king Tut. The second famous pharaoh is Khufu. The third is Ramsey the second the forth is Rameses the third. The fifth is Cleopatra.

How to become a pharaoh

To become a pharaoh you have to be formally declared by the pervious pharaoh. Another way is virtue of birth.

Position of power.

Most pharaohs are at a position of kings. Also some later became famous gods. Although people are not sure if some Had different elements of the world. (for example wind water sun and more.)

Duties of pharaoh's

The pharaohs duties are reglious political and high priest of every temple. The pharaoh makes the rules and collects taxes and defends against foreigners
Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt