Dog Sled History

See the evolution of dog sleds!

Original Purpose

Dog sledding originated a long, LONG time ago in the arctic regions. Dog sled were extremely important when there were no trains, boats or planes because they were a fast way to transport goods.

Types of Dog Sleds

Two main sleds are Basket sleds, and Toboggan sleds

  • Basket sleds compose of mostly wood
  • Because of their lightweight composure, they are one of the fastest and most popular sleds
  • Toboggan sleds are made mostly of lightweight plastics
  • they have a low center of gravity
  • because of their low center of gravity, they are popular for carrying heavy loads

Other Branches of Dogsledding


  • A mix between dogsledding and cross-country skiing
  • A single rider is pulled behind a dog... On skis!
  • Skijoring doesn't need a specific breed of dog
  • As long as your dog wants to pull, you have yourself a fine team!
  • It is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S.
  • Many parks don't allow skijoring

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