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BYOD 2023

Term 3 BYOD Update

Welcome back to term 3 and our third BYoD newsletter for the year. It was so encouraging to have such a large turn out to our BYoD information evening last term. Our Year 4 team, have been provided with guidance and opportunities to enhance their skills in preparation for 2023. As a school, we are all very excited for our students to have the opportunity to have their own device for learning for the remainder of their primary schooling from next year.

Purchasing a Device

Which device do I invest in?

A number of questions were raised at the information evening regarding which device is best to purchase. Parents can choose from the wide range of devices offered in the retail market place. Please ensure you look at the 'Bring your own device specs' below before purchasing.

You could choose a device from any of the popular BYOD retailers including Officeworks (See information below), JB HI-FI, Good Guys or Joyce Mayne to name a few. It is extremely important that when purchasing a device you also choose extended warranties and insurance. This ensures your device will be covered for the full 3 years from year 4 to year 6. You can check this out online before visiting the store.

We do recommend that you compare prices between stores and online.


Chromebooks are a very simplified version of a laptops. Typically, Chromebooks only have a very small amount of local storage available. This means that you’re able to save a few images on the device itself, but not much more. You are able to save things to places like Google Docs and Google Drive, however these are not supported by EQ and they will not be able to access their docs here at school.

When the kids enter year 5 and 6 they start to learn coding through programs such as Kodu. This requires them to download the program onto their device. This is not possible on a Chromebook or an Ipad. Sometimes Apple offer the coding programs via an app, but they almost always come at a cost. Also, many printers are also not compatible with chromebooks. Finally, there aren’t any video or photo editing software available on Chromebooks. The children are often involved with Media arts projects where they need video and photo for their work and assessments.

You might also want to consider which high school your child will go to. Maroochydore High use laptops. The skills they develop over three years on Windows devices are very advantageous as they enter high school.


BYOD Charter Agreement

Before students can use their own device at school, all students and parents must read and sign a charter. The charter outlines the responsibilities of using a device at school. The charter will be available on our school website in term 4. Please read this with your child to discuss their responsibilities in bringing a device to school. This will need to be handed in to the office before using a device in the classroom.

BYOD Survey

We have attached a two question survey in this newsletter. The first question is to gather information to assist in planning for 2023. The second question is to assess whether another BYOD information afternoon is required. We will only run a second BYOD information afternoon if we have significant numbers to do so. Please follow the following like to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KD9ZXGZ
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When to purchase a device?

We strongly encourage parents to purchase laptop devices towards the end of the year. From October onwards would be the earliest we would encourage. This ensures a three year insurance lifespan on the device. That will see the students through until the end of their primary schooling. Officeworks is an example of this type of cover which offers 'Extra Cover" after the warranty of the laptop. You can also cover laptops in accidental damage insurance in your own home insurance. Please see our specs above.

Thank you

Thank you for your positive response leading into our first year of BYOD. We are so excited for our Year 4s in 2023. Our teachers are excitedly preparing and looking forward to welcoming our Year 4s of 2023.

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Any questions or concerns please contact any of the staff below:

aiddl0@eq.edu.au - Andrew Iddles - Digital Technology Teacher

bdowd4@eq.edu.au - Brett Dowdell - Deputy Principal