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Weekly Updates

December 14th- 18th

Just a reminder if you are non-tenured or in cycle 3 (summative)- you HAVE to have your peer observations completed by 12/18.

Hang in there! Last week, and then a well deserved break. WE can do this.

For the Good of All...

Thank you: Just wanted to Thank Keli Mason for organizing the secret Angel! It was awesome, the breakfast was a hit! Love when everyone is together. <3

School Hours: Our office opens at 8:00. Teachers do not "officially" start their work day until 8:30. PLEASE DO NOT let anyone in the school before 8:00, unless you are meeting with them. All visitors MUST enter through the office and check in. We have to stop the "surprise" visits to meet with teachers. We will post a sign at entrances with our hours.

Questions about Delays and Work:
Certified: Based on your contract you are required to report to school at your contracted hours. Our concern is you getting here safely. If the roads are bad, please take your time. We don't want anyone getting hurt. Delayed time is your time to work on planning, grading, etc. We will NOT schedule anything during a delayed time. You will need to sign in at the time you arrive. If you are going to be late, we just ask that you let us know so we can find the coverage needed for your rooms.
Classified: Again, safety is what we are concerned about. When you arrive on a delay you will need to check into the office with Cindy. If you are unable to make it on time due to weather, you will need to report that time on your time sheet.

University Meeting: Everyone (certified) must at least come to the meeting for the initial "house keeping" stuff, and then we will get our "artsy" on. :) We've invited the whole staff. I would love to see everyone together.

Staff Luncheon: Lunch is catered on Monday as a way of saying Thank you and Merry Christmas to our whole staff. Please come, eat, and be merry!


Classroom Library APP: Use a simple app to scan your classroom library and have all of your book titles at your fingertips! (linked)

Funny Christmas Video: Rudolph Telling Kids Christmas Jokes

Calendar Chaos! ... It's getting better!


14th- Staff Luncheon - MPR
15th- SBDM meeting in Library @ 4:30
16th- Cookies with Santa (during U/A)
K field trip

17th- University meeting @ 4:00 = Cafeteria
Holiday Play @7:00

21st- 1st- Winter Break

25th- Merry Christmas!


1st- Happy New Year! 2016... (It's a LEAP year!)
4th- Back to school! :)
4th- ACCESS testing for ELs begins

6th- SAC (5th graders)

8th- 4th grade to Art Museum
11th- 5th & 2nd ATMs
13th- 4th & 3rd ATMs
14th- Kindergarten & 1st ATMs

Team leader (cancelled)

18th- No school (MLK day)
19th- SBDM
21st- University Meeting

25th- Monday Meets - Star Data Analysis

27th- Special Ed Team meeting- ** Progress Monitoring Data for Students- Analysis