"A small country with a beautiful scenery"


On March 8th 2003 Malta joined the European Union ever since then Malta has become a independent country located at coordinate points(35.50N,14.35E).Malta is a small island with little to no geographical features but still maintains a beautiful scenery.

The Maltese Flag

The Maltian Flag is a flag with two vertical bands of white and red in the upper hoist side corner is the George cross.The colors of the flag are taken from the flag of Count Roger of Sicily who removed a bi-colored corner and granted it to Malta in 1091.The George cross however was given as an award from King George VI in World War II.

Major Cities and Tourist Attractions

The capital of Malta is Valletta one of the many beautiful cities located in Malta.4 other major cities are Sliema,Gozo,Mdina and St. Julian's.Some of the many popular tourist attractions are The Museum of Archaeology because it comprises of a extrodinary collection of prehistoric artifacts,The Palazzo Falson which includes of magnificent antiques and last but not least the set where the original Popeye movie was filmed at.


The country and small island Malta does not comprise or consist of any Geographical features unfortuanly but it still maintains a beautiful scenery.


Malta's government type is Republic.


Malta's currency currently runs on Eurozones but they used Maltese Lira prior to the adoption of the Euro.

Fun facts

1)There are more than a few sunken WWII ships along the coastline.

2)One of the "three cities Vittoriosa(aka Birgu) was damaged in WWII but Fort Angelo which was built in 870,remains.

3)The 16th century Verdala Palace is now the official summer residence of the President.