Campfire Chronicle

November 16th - November 20th

Last Week...

Students did a great job using their Chromebooks. Progress is being made towards our goals of completing their Aleks pie, Quick Tables and Lexia.

Congratulations to the students below for completing Quick Tables last week!

This Week.....

Book Fair is this week. If you are visiting for the book fair during lunch on Wednesday our class will have a special lunch time of 11:10-11:40 for a scheduling conflict.

Also on Wednesday, Nov. 18th, we invite you to come and see Choose Your Adventure Story presentations. Please join us at 8:30 to 9:30, in the cafeteria. The students have been working really hard on preparing their stories. Students have the option to dress in the time period of their character on Wednesday. Students can bring a picture of their family member in this week.

At the end of the week, we are taking a Math test. The best way to study is to complete topics in the orange slice of their Aleks pie, Multiplication and Division and practice their Quick Tables. Students should also study their math notes from this week and last week from their flipped homework.