Jaskiran Sond

Who Am I

I am Jaskiran, 15 years old teenage girl, I am a student at Louise Arbour Secondary School in grade 10. I am a Sikh. In my family there are 5 members in total including me, 2 younger siblings and parents. I enjoy being with my family, friends, traveling and being outdoors.

My life line

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My 3 Favourite things

My leadership style

The 3 well developed leadership skills that came out as my result were ..

Visionary-- thinking about or planing the future with imagination or wisdom.

Democratic-- thinking about others instead of them self.

Coaching--teaching and showing people the right path.

My Influences

I got my Influences form my parents because they have told me what is right and wrong for me, they have shaped my character as an external factor because they showed me how the world runs, what to expect, what to do and who to be, how to handle things when I have a lot of stuff happening, thought me not to follow the world but follow my own path.

Role model

My Role model are my parents because they have always guided to the right track, supported me with all my decisions, made me focus on what is good and bad since I was a kid, scolded me when I was wrong, hugged me when I was right

My Future

My future plan is to become a teacher for grade 4-7 because I love teaching getting involve wit kids, help them, make them better for there future. My plan to get to my goal is to go to college first and get my EDE diploma then go to university and complete my bachelor of arts, do good interviews and become a permanent teacher.

Family Symbols and Background

Quiz Results

My Blue Print:

Knowledge Survey: Area Is MATHEMATICS. I am happy with my knowledge results because I do like to do math and solving math problems.

Motivations Survey: RELATIONSHIPS, yes that is me because i do to value friendly, honest, and cooperative environments where teamwork and support.

Interests Survey: THE SHEPHERD (SA) is a person who protects, guides, or watches over a person or group of people, I am that because I always tend to protect my siblings and guide them.

Learning Style Survey: I learn by hearing, listening, looking and seeing and that is very true because I am not a person that is always stuck to the books.

Personality Survey: ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging) ISTJs are meticulous, factual, organized and they strongly value reliability and my personality matches with Harry S. Truman 33rd U.S. President, Queen Victoria and Warren Buffett Businessman,

Investor, Philanthropist.

Compatibility Survey: my result for that was Early Childhood Educator and

I was happy with what I got because I do want to become a teacher for primary grades because I love working with younger kids.

Kiersey and Enneagram:

Enneagram quiz result I got as the "6 type" the loyalist. I am loyalist because I am committed, engaging, responsible, anxious, and suspicious.

Kiersey result was the Guardian because I am dependable, helpful, and hard-working, make loyal mates, responsible parents, and stabilizing leaders

Multiple intelligence:

My Multiple intelligence was interpersonal and logical mathematical, I do like working alone when it comes to work and not having friends in that area and solving problems that include numbers.

True Colour :

My colour came out to be gold. Gold's follow rules and respect authority loyal, dependable, prepared I have a strong sense of what is right and wrong in life thorough, sensible, punctual I need to be useful and belong faithful, stable, organized I value home, family, and caring, concerned, concrete I am a natural preserver, a parent, a helper.

Meyer-Briggs personality test:

My personality type is a defender, yes that is true I tend to defend people in need, try to help them out as much as I can.

John Holland Career Clusters:

My Career type result was a Doer. A Doer is a person who gets things done, a person that enjoys working with real problems, and they enjoy fixing building things, mostly working outside. Yes I was happy with what I got as my result because that is me I tend to focus on real life problems, fixing things, and building things.

Right or Left Brain:
I am a person that is left brain as the results. Left brain people are more organized and systematic and that relates to me very well because I am always organized, and I follow the system of school.


Most accurate quiz that helped me was the blueprint survey all of them. They helped me by telling me what is most right for me and who I actually am by asking all types of questions, it helped me by telling me who I want to be in the future and be sure of it. The most helpful quiz on my blueprint was the personality survey because I did not know that I would learn ever by judging, sensing something. It was useful because it helped me realize who I really was and am. The least helpful quiz was the Meyer-Briggs personality test because the answer that the quiz gave me was defender and I already knew I was that because I tend to defend my siblings. My four strength are my family, my friends, my knowledge of previous years, and technology they all are my strength because they all help me when it comes to the real world and society, there always there to help me, support me, and guide me when it comes to school. My weakness are my thoughts, emotional feelings, caring too much, and being sweet. These all are my weakness because when it comes to the real world no one cares about your feeling but I always give it a thought and help out people even if they are rude to me, over thinking has destroyed my smile a lot of times, having a soft heart usually gets more pain.