LIS Update 4/8/2019

Professional Development 4/13/19

There are two Professional Development sessions this Saturday - 4/13/19. The am session is a Destiny Help Session and the pm session is a Destiny Collections Session.

Both sessions count for Alief ISD Professional Development credit for the 2019-2020 PD year.

April 24, 2019 Meeting

  • The April 24th Meeting is at the Career Center. We will be in the IOL - which is the big, round, glass room in the front, center of the building (more space and air than the room we were in last time).
  • Snack patrol schools are: O'Donnell, Olle, Miller, Owens, HNGC, and ENGC
  • Here is the meeting sign up link:
  • There will not be a pre-meeting video.
  • If you are attending the TLA Convention, please let me know. --- I'd love for you to share some knowledge at our April meeting

Monthly Report / MakerSpace Challenge

Campuses wishing to participate in the April Monthly Report / MakerSpace Challenge need to make sure their February, March and April Monthly Reports are complete by April 18th.

The prize wheel will be spun during the April 24th Meeting with at least 15 prizes to be given out.

Big Changes Coming to Dual Language

From the SLE Department: "The SLE Department is proud to announce that beginning Fall 2019 the Early Exit Bilingual Model will phase-out. On March 19th the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the implementation of One Way Dual Language as the District Bilingual Program Model for all Bilingual students!

A conservative phase-in plan was approved beginning with PK and Kindergarten only for next year. An additional grade level will come on board each year thereafter. This allows us the opportunity to train teachers and leaders on program expectations focused on one grade level each summer.

The SLE Dept. is currently conducting a 2 hour informational session with each of the 18 Bilingual elementary campuses per the schedule attached. The audience includes Principals, APs, Specialists, Interventionists.

We invite you to participate based on your availability. You are also invited to attend our Fundamentals of OWDL training that will be offered this summer."

Activity Accounts

Whoever is in-charge of Activity Accounts on your campus (Bookkeeper, Secretary) should give you a Monthly Activity Fund Report for each of your accounts. These reports should match the ledger sheet that you keep. If this report is not automatically given to you, you can request one of these reports.

Also you should be receiving training from this person every year about Activity Accounts Guidelines.

Capstone eBooks

The 10 per campus Elementary and Intermediate Capstone eBooks have been purchased. Hopefully everyone will be receiving these ebooks within the next few weeks.