iMovie Trailer

Start with Memories ... Move to Content!

iMovie Trailer Challenge

The challenge is a very special one! This will be a challenge (IF YOU CHOOSE) to complete over the holiday season. I know that the last thing you want to think about over your vacation is school, but this is a chance for you to make a memory!

Here's what you do ...

With your iPad, you will collect a series of video clips that relate to your personal holiday experience. You can also take some pictures - but the trailer is more entertaining with video clips! These clips could be of family dinners, opening presents, the morning when the kids see what Santa has brought, baking in the kitchen ... ANYTHING that you do over the holiday ... maybe even some New Year's footage! You will take these clips, which are short (I MEAN SHORT ... just a few seconds), and create an iMovie Trailer. Trailers are usually no more than 1 minute and are so EASY to make. Below is a "how to" video to help you become familiar with the process. (If you are at school, you need to authenticate to view the videos below.)
How to create trailers with iMovie on the iPad

An Example ...

Last holiday season, Apple created and aired a commercial that showcased a young man who was taking video clips of his family during his holiday season. Here is the commercial and it may inspire you and/or give you some ideas if you choose to complete this challenge.
Apple Happy Holidays commercial ('Misunderstood" spot)

To Get Credit ...

To complete this challenge, create your trailer with the theme of your choice. When you have it completed, you can email your trailer to Renee and Ann or stop by our office when you return to share your finished product.