Hydroelectric Power

by:Evan Harper, Mason Paschall, and Samrudhi Mishra

Description of HydroPower

Hydroelectric Power is a renewable way to create energy. The most common way to create energy using hydroelectric power is using a dam. The dam collects the flowing water to and generates electricity. It also stores water and makes sure none goes to waste.

Advantages of Hydroelectricity

1.Once a dam is built, electricity can be created at a continuous rate.

2.These dams are designed to last many years, so they can contribute to create electricity.

3. The lake that forms behind the dam can be used for leisure.

4. The build up of water in the lake can be stored and not wasted.

5. When the energy is in use, electricity produced by dams systems do not pollute the atmosphere to hurt the environment.

Disadvantages of Hydroelectricity

1.Dams are also very expensive to create and build to the very high standard that is needed.

2. It can flood the areas of land that it is located and destroy natural environments.

3.Dams block the river motion and cut cut the amount of water supply.
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Hydroelectric Power Plant Working Animation
Bear's Mill Hydroelectric


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