Mary's Mount Primary School

Term 3, Week 2 - 29 July 2022

'In the spirit of reconciliation, Mary’s Mount Primary School acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.'

Be Still


Teach me how to pray – to be still, silent, and calm.

Help me to have stillness of heart

in my day-to-day life.

Help me to learn to listen and open my heart.

Teach me that way of being

in which I meet and encounter the stillness

and peace in my heart

that comes from the trust that

You are with me always.



Dear Parents and Carers


In our busy lives, it is so important for us to consciously put time aside to be still. To be still allows us space where we are not planning, worrying, or thinking. It will enable our bodies to be calm and, in the moment when we physically have this experience, our brains are calm also.

As you know, as a staff, we gather weekly to pray together. We cherish this time, where we are STILL and with our God. Mrs Freeman shared a reflection with staff during our prayerful moment this week.

Take the time each day to be STILL in the presence of the Lord.

STOP – thinking, planning, worrying

ABOUT – family, friends, future, jobs, past, clothes…


Be still and rest in the Lord’s arms

Be still and let His love speak

Be calm and trust in the Lord.

I ask you, my friends, to be still;

And know that I am here with you.

The longing in your heart I will fiull;

For I now make my home in you!


As part of our Spiritual Wellbeing Strategy, the staff of Mary’s Mount Primary School are working towards adding prayerful moments throughout the day for children to connect with their GOD and be STILL. We understand that prayer is unique, and each person has a individualised connection with Jesus and their God.


On a Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8.20-8.30 am the Chapel will be open for members of our community to gather in God’s name and be STILL to connect through prayer.

I aim to be there each Tuesday and Thursday, however in my absence another staff member will open the Chapel for this unique prayer experience. Music will be playing, and prayer cards will be available to prompt prayer for those participating.

All are welcome including parents, grandparents, students, and staff members.

Starting date – Thursday 4 August


Reflections from the Year 6 children on what they learned from Paul at the Surf Online Safe presentation. I could not have worded it better myself!

Reflection from James

The presentation on cyber safety was a valuable lesson that taught us about the importance of internet safety and that no matter what type of safety material you have, you are always vulnerable to getting scammed or hacked. We should always look around the terms and conditions of the website and that kids are now more tech-savvy.

People are being hacked more and more thanks to the rise of kids on the internet and adult scammers are taking advantage of this. There are now scamming groups being formed like the one run by a scammer by the username VaderInvader which has 56 members all of who made a website that was selling an online currency called Vbucks and was selling them on the website for cheap prices. Children have been using their parents' credit cards without permission or ones who got permission got scammed and never received their Vbucks. The worse part was that almost 89% of those children weren’t telling their parents and then when the parents who weren’t told got angry at their kids for not telling them.

The programme SOS is designed to help and teach children the importance of online safety and to help kids understand the terms and conditions so that the kids don’t breach the terms and so children can see if they are getting hacked or scammed. The programme is also trying to build confidence for kids so they will tell their parents if they got scammed.

There is a rise in kids on technology and the numbers are pretty substantial in 2014 there were about 9% of kids from ages 8-10 had the technology but now in 2022 about 76% of kids ages 8-10 who have access to the internet and are open to pretty much everything. That’s why Paul and SOS are trying to help kids of all ages understand the internet and what’s on it and how to avoid it.

Thank you, Paul Litherland and SOS for the amazing presentation.

Reflection from Cameron

Paul came to teach us about cyber safety, he is the best in the field.

In 2014-2022 92% of Aussies are on the web. Only 27 of 700 people reported to the police. Internet safety or online safety or cyber safety is trying to be safe on the internet and is the act of maximising a user's awareness of personal safety and security risks to private information and property associated with using the internet, and the self-protection from computer crime.

While cyber safety protects devices and networks from harm by bad people, Online Safety protects the people using them from harm by the devices and networks (and therefore third parties) through awareness, education, information, and technology.

Paul was funny even when he was telling us about all the bad things. He told us a story about when he was at school.

I loved the incursion it was very interesting.

Reflection from Andreas

I learned that people could make websites that are professionally made and can be a scam to lure you in. Also, people can fake their age by using voice-changing apps, and not many children report to their parents or the police that they got scammed.

You should always think before you post anything online and how it will make people feel and how it will represent yourself. It also made me feel that I can report if I get bullied online or if I get scammed. We need to be aware when I am online playing with my friends and strangers. I also learned that a lot of people online are grown-ups, and a lot of people are rude online.

1. Vader in Vader scammed $96 million dollars from people.

2. A lot of scams can also be sent by texts and phone calls.

3. Scammers can pretend they are from a type of bank in Australia.

4. Scammers can pretend they are other people with a picture with another person on an account.

5. People can make fake currencies and put them up for sale so it looks real.

Reflection from Shelby

During the cyber safety talk, I learned that there are hundreds of scammers out there that can access your private email accounts, hack online video games and can take the money and Vbucks or Mine coins. Sharing videos on YouTube or posting on Snapchat or Twitter can get around 1 million views in 12 months. Things like online video games or funny youtube videos featuring yourself CAN cause cyberbullying.

Paul showed us the “Charlie bit my finger” video [which was funny] and told us that the video had 27million views in the first year. Then said that the video has been around for 12 years.

The data showed us that 92% of Aussies are on the net. Some scammer has stolen 92 billion dollars from online people!

The lesson from this is be careful online and don’t use your Mums card to get Vbucks. Someone can take your money. The presentation on cyber safety was a valuable lesson and it taught us the importance of internet safety and that no matter what type of safety material you have, you are always vulnerable to getting scammed or hacked.

"FAM" Fun & Fitness at Mary's Mount – Friday @ 8am

Last week was a great success with over 40 parents, children, and staff in attendance. We would love to see you there bright and early on a Friday morning. No pre-registration is required for you to attend, just come along with a smile on your dial and runners on your feet.


Our thoughts and prayers have been with Haley Kuppens (class of 2020) and her grandparents as Haley's mum, Kara passed away last week. The family have asked us to share details about the funeral next week with the MMPS community, and we send our condolences to the Kuppens family during this difficult time.

Kara Kuppens Funeral - Leanne O'Dea's in Midland, Tuesday 9th of August 2022 at 2.30pm.

God bless

Emma Bell

Be the best part of someone else's day - Ben Crowe


Click here to view the Updated Term Planner for Term 3.


Monday 1 August

Tuesday 2 August

  • 7.30 Homework Club (MMPS Library)
  • 6pm P&F Meeting

Wednesday 3 August

  • Year 5 BRLA Assesment Day 1
  • Book Fair Day 1 - Children will view the books

Thursday 4 August

  • Year 5 BRLA Assesment Day 2
  • Year 3 BRLA Assesment Day 1
  • Book Fair Day 2 - Library open 8.20am - 8.50am & 3pm - 3.30pm

Friday 5 August

  • 8am FAM Club (Fun & Fitness at Mary's Mount)
  • Year 3 BRLA Assesment Day 2
  • 9am Assembly, Merits and St Emilie Award
  • Book Fair Day 3 - Library open 8.20am - 8.50am & 3pm - 3.30pm

Saturday 6 August

  • 6pm to 9pm Mary's Mount Active Dad's (MMADs) Bonfire

Snapshots@ Mary's Mount Term 3 wk 2


Our annual Bonfire night for Dads (or father figures) and kids is coming up on Saturday 6th August from 6pm. Please come along for a fun evening. The BBQs will be de-cobwebbed and ready for use, so bring along some sausages and buns and don't forget the marshmallows.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office. Otherwise we hope to see you there.

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This is a friendly reminder, if you are on a Term payment plan, Term 3 payments are now due. Payments can be made via BPay or credit card over the phone or in the school office.

If you need to check your account balance, please email to request a current statement, or ring the school office.

Jane Taylor

Finance Officer


It's BOOKFAIR time where our library will be filled to the brim with a large range of books for all ages available for purchase. Details of the opening times are below.

The bookfair is open before and after school, so be sure to stop by and have a look sometime.

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A large number of our enrolment enquiries are from parents or grandparents who, themselves attended MMPS. We know that many of our parents, caregivers and grandparents attended MMPS as a child, but we don't know exactly how many or who.

If you were enrolled at MMPS for your schooling, or a direct relative of your children who are currently attending school did, we would love to know the details.

Please take a moment to complete the questions below.

Warm regards,
Emma Bell



We are really excited to be able to offer not one, but two opportunities for running and fitness in Term 3 for students before school.

FAM CLUB - EVERY FRIDAY MORNING 8am to 8.30am COMMENCING TOMORROW *No Registration Required *

Our new Fun and Fitness at Mary's Mount starts tomorrow morning. This is a FREE, supervised running club focussed on fitness and fun. Count your laps to join our 100s club (Y3-6) or our 50s club (K-2). Students K-2 require an accompanying adult. In the case of wet weather, we will meet in the school hall. Please read the poster below for more information.


The running club from Term 2 will continue in Term 3 for any families who would like to continue to participate. A qualified coach from Let's Run Perth will coach the children on running technique for Sprints & Relays. Details on how to register can be found below.

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* Bookclub Issue 5 is now out!! Orders close 7 August *

Please place all orders via the loop by 7/8. Don’t forget to check out the free book offer too.

CHILDREN BORN 1 JULY 2019 - 30 June 2020


If you have received a Letter of Offer for a position in 3 Year Old Kindy or 4 Year Old Kindy, please ensure you sign the acceptance and return it to the school office as soon as possible.

CHILDREN STARTING 4YO KINDY IN 2024 - DOB 1 July 2019 - 30 June 2020

We are currently reviewing our enrolment process and will soon be processing applications for children starting 4 Year Old Kindy in 2024. If you have a child with a date of birth between 1 July 2019 - 30 June 2020, please submit an application as soon as possible.

Applications can be downloaded from our school website via the link below or a paper copy can be collected from the school office.

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This Tuesday evening 2 August commencing at 6pm is our monthly P&F meeting. You can attend in person at MMPS, or connect online via the link below:

Join on your computer or mobile app

Click here to join the meeting


The MMPS Parent Night is fast approaching so please put Friday the 16th September in your diaries!

We are also seeking donations from our generous school community for the raffle and auction that will be taking place on the night. Please get in contact with Belinda Adams with anything you can contribute or let the school office know and they will pass on the details.

MMPS P&F Committee


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I have shared in a previous social work corner that I have been listening to a book called ‘The Strength Switch’ by Dr Lea Waters. This is a book about strength-based parenting. This week I was listening to a section from the book on a mindfulness strategy called ‘savouring’ that caught my attention, so I thought I would share it with you.

Savouring is the idea that we should ‘stop and smell the roses’. It is noticing, appreciating, and aiming our attention on positive things and it involves conscientiously pausing to let our attention linger and enjoy these positive things for as long as possible.

Lee explains that the practice of savouring not only builds positive mood in ourselves and our children, but it also helps to build our children’s attentional skills over time and is a strategy that they can draw on to help them during tough times.

We all have many little moments of good that pass unnoticed throughout our day, but once we and our children learn to focus on them, we can use them to build our positive bank account, and this helps us to have healthy reserves to draw on during challenging times.

Here are 4 simple ways to help our children learn the practice of savouring:

1. Noticing the environment- We can teach children to savour the beauty in nature such as the smell of flowers, the sound, and colours of birds in the backyard and the feel of sand under their feet on the beach.

2. Enjoying physical sensations - We can encourage children to savour the taste of chocolate, the smell of dinner, the feel of warm water splashing on their back in the shower or bath, the refreshment of a cool drink on a hot day, a hug, or a backrub. Next time you put fresh sheets on your child’s bed encourage them to notice what it feels like to slip under those crisp, clean covers.

3. Creating family time - the simple act of hanging out together as a family is something that we can all savour. Watching a movie together, cooking a meal, going for a walk, or exercising together are all activities to savour.

4. Remembering happy times - savouring doesn’t always have to be focused on the present moment. We can encourage our children to engage in ‘reminiscent savouring’. We do this by thinking back to happy times in our lives. If our child has had a difficult day, first we can let them share about their day and express their negative emotions. Then, we can help them to use reminiscent savouring to remember a funny incident from the past or to think back to a time when they had the opposite experience to what upset them today.

I encourage you to give it a go and find some time to enjoy a few moments of savouring with your children this week!

Mrs Julie Merrells

MMPS Social Worker



This term we managed to get through, but we are in great need of helpers for Term 3 and Term 4. Without helpers in our canteen, we can't provide yummy lunches for our students. So if you can help out mums or dads (or a grandparent or other relative), even for just a few hours, please either contact me or let the school office know via

No experience necessary. Lunch and a cuppa provided. New volunteers welcome - I would love to meet you - and the children love to see mum or dad helping out in the canteen.

Term 3

Friday 5 August

Friday 12 August

Friday 19 August

Friday 26 August

Thank you.

Angeline Biggin


Dear Community

The Catholic Performing Arts Festival opened this month. The Festival is set to be a remarkable celebration of artistic creativity and talent with almost 15,000 students from 90 Catholic schools, including 11 regional schools, participating in this year's program. A number of our students and classes are involved in the Festival this year.

Soloists - you should have received ticketing information through Greg. Please contact him or myself if you need this information again.

Year 3 Class - performing, Aug 2nd, 11am-12pm session. Please refer to your class communication or use the link below to purchase audience tickets

School Choir - performing Aug 23rd, 11.15am-12.45pm session. Please use link below to purchase audience tickets. Specific Choir information will be sent to Choir families this week.

Try Booking Tickets available now!

Try Booking ticket links for all sections of the 2022 Performing Arts Festival is now on the Spirit of the Arts website, under the “Performing Arts” tab

We wish all our performers well for their performance date!

Thank you

Mrs Freeman

Music Teacher


The Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment (the department) would like to advise all parents and guardians that it collects certain information about your child’s school, its staff, and student body.

Below is a link to the 2022 Census Privacy Statements which details what information is collected and reported on. MMPS is required to share this information with you. If you have any questions about Census and the information, please contact the school office or the Department of Education as detailed within the letter.

Jane Taylor

Finance Officer


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Mary’s Mount Primary School is the parish school for Holy Family Church in Kalamunda.

Fr Suresh celebrates mass at the beginning of each term, for solemnities and special feast days and offers reconciliation to students who are preparing to receive their Sacraments.

Parish Priest : Fr Antony Suresh

Parish Secretary : Mary Syme

Current Parish Bulletin :


If you have something you would like to submit to the school newsletter, please email your submission by Wednesday for inclusion in the weekly newsletter.